CB 7 will comply with rule this year, unlike last two 1

Community Board 7 Chairman Gene Kelty says that Borough President Melinda Katz did not contact the board about it missing meetings in December of last year and the one before.

The City Charter says that community boards must “meet at least once each month within the community district and conduct at least one public hearing each month.” July and August are exceptions to the rule; most advisory councils take the summer off.

A post from last Tuesday on the blog Queens Crap pointed to how even though December is not listed as an exception to the charter rule, Community Board 7 did not have its regular meeting with a public hearing during that month last year or the one before.

Although the agenda for November’s CB 7 full board meeting said the next one would be in January, the advisory council has set up a meeting for Dec. 18.

Board Chairman Gene Kelty told the Chronicle that though the board did not have a full meeting last December or the one before, the members weren’t ignoring any major issues in the district.

“If we didn’t have a meeting then it meant that we really didn’t have anything on our agenda,” he told the Chronicle.

“All I know is we’re in compliance this year and we’ll be in compliance in the future,” the chairman added.

He also said that Borough President Melinda Katz — who appoints community board members — did not reach out to him about the board not having meetings in the last two Decembers.

The Borough President’s Office did not immediately return a request for comment.

“We have a meeting on Monday with a very light agenda and nothing on the agenda requires a public hearing,” CB 7 First Vice Chairman Chuck Apelian said.


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