Another speakeasy allegedly uncovered 1

A Flushing bar was shut down after allegedly serving customers inside.

A flood of karaoke goers attempted to escape out the emergency exit of a Flushing bar during a Sheriff’s Office raid last Tuesday night.

The Sheriff’s Office received a complaint that a significant amount of people had entered CJ Diamond Café after hours.

Upon entering the 41-02 College Point Blvd. karaoke bar at 11:30 p.m., deputy sheriffs found approximately 130 people inside, with as many as 100 of them attempting to flee through the emergency exit.

Five bar managers and operators were arrested after officials allegedly found evidence that they had served the customers alcohol inside the facility — two of the karaoke rooms were still occupied at the time of the raid, in which officials found patrons singing, dancing and smoking without masks or adhering to social distancing guidelines.

The operators were given desk appearance tickets for violating the state’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Law as well as the mayor’s executive order restricting indoor dining during the pandemic and are at risk for the revocation of the bar’s liquor license.

The Flushing karaoke bar was the second in a week to be raided by the Sheriff’s Office for allegedly serving customers indoors. Just two days before CJ Diamond Café was shut down, Soho KTV & Bar, located less than a mile away, suffered the same fate after it was allegedly discovered serving more than 75 partiers inside.

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postal guy

IMHO, these businesses, who obviously care more about making a buck than the health of their customers, should be remembered when things open up. Let's patronize those that played by the rules.

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