Will Assi Plaza plan float with the city? 1

The former Assi Plaza off College Point Boulevard is on waterfront property that the new owners want to turn into a large mixed-use complex. Citi Field is across the Flushing Creek.

Flushing West, the area designated by Mayor de Blasio for upzoning and more affordable housing near the Flushing Creek, just got a little more crowded.

That’s if a developer is allowed to proceed with a mega-mixed-use project announced last week that does not seem to include affordable housing.

A plan by a new development group, Triple Star Realty, calls for a waterfront complex with 360 residential condominiums, a 200-room hotel, a supermarket and other stores plus medical and other offices.

The site, at 131-01 39 Ave., is the former Assi Plaza, an Asian grocery store that closed last year. It is located off College Point Boulevard and is across the Flushing Creek from Citi Field.

The new owners, who could not be reached for comment, bought the 100,000-square-foot property for more than $90 million, according to the Commercial Observer.

The property was sold last year for $54.6 million by the supermarket owner, the Rhee Brothers, to King’s USA Group.

The new owners are listed as in the pre-development stages and will seek construction financing in the next six months, according to published reports. The project is expected to take three years to build.

But zoning experts on Flushing West said that the developer must reach out to City Planning — which is handling rezoning of the area — before proceeding.

As outlined by the mayor late last year, Flushing West includes a 10-block area along Flushing Creek. It is one of three neighborhoods in the city in which the mayor wants to create 200,000 affordable housing units.

The City Planning Commission chairman said at the time that it could take two to three years to implement. In the works is an environmental impact statement for the area. City Planning is also preparing the uniform land use review procedure papers.

Paul Graziano, a zoning expert from Flushing, said he believes it will take a year or two because of the lengthy ULURP process.

Most of the riverfront sites are vacant expect for Sky View Park, a large mixed-use development that includes condominiums and stores and is located on the southeastern edge of the area, and the U-Haul building.

The targeted area overlaps with the site of a $1.5 million state Brownfield grant awarded six years ago to the Flushing Willets Point Corona Local Development Corp., headed by former Borough President Claire Shulman.

Shulman said Monday that John Young, director of the Queens Planning Department, is the subcontractor to the LDC, using some of the state grant money to do the EISand prepare the ULURP.

She agreed with Graziano that the Assi Plaza developer will have to wait until the new zoning is in place, adding, “But I’m sure they know what’s going on with the property, unless they plan to sit on the site to see what happens in the future.

“In any case, they would need approval from the city to do anything,” Shulman added.

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