Stop-work order in Flushing is ignored 1

Construction work has continued on the house at 30-35 150 St., despite a stop-work order being issued by the Department of Buildings. The house has been the center of controversy since some suspected the owner of doing illegal work to the property.

Work has been going on at a Flushing house, despite the Department of Buildings putting a stop-work order on the property for not sticking to the plans submitted to the city agency.

The DOB ordered a halt to all construction at 30-35 150 St. on Oct. 8, citing a complaint that the workers were apparently “doing more work than the permit says they are supposed to do.”

But as shown in pictures posted to the blog Queens Crap and shared by Twitter user Bill Leahy, work has been going on since then.

Urban planner Paul Graziano, a Flushing resident, said this is just one example of people in Queens disobeying the DOB’s orders.

The DOB’s press office did not respond to inquiries about the property or what penalties the homeowner could face for doing work on the house.

This isn’t the first time the site has been the topic of controversy.

Some suspect Eddie Peralta, the homeowner, of illegally making the house larger even though his permit does not allow for that.

In an interview with the Queens Chronicle last week, Peralta denied that and said he removed the roof because he felt it was about to collapse due to the previous owner adding too many layers to it.

He did not respond to requests for comment on the stop-work order not being adhered to.

State Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) said he has been pressuring the DOB to do something about the house.

A spokesman for Councilman Paul Vallone (D-Bayside) did not respond to inquiries if the city politician is doing the same.

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