Main Street Radiology honors the Wolffs 1

Karen and Dr. William G. Wolff at the newly dedicated breast imaging center that bears their names at one of Main Street Radiology’s Bayside locations.

Main Street Radiology honored its original CEO, Dr. William G. Wolff, with the dedication of the Karen and William Wolff Women’s Imaging Center.

Dr. Wolff’s radiology career started in 1976 when he joined Radiology Associates of Main Street. In 1998 he became CEO of the new outpatient imaging office which would be known as Main Street Radiology (MSR). MSR has since expanded and continues to serve the Queens community with five locations.

After the unveiling of the dedicated plaque, Dr. Wolff attributed his success to his wife Karen. “She’s the reason for all of this success.” Both Karen and Dr. Wolff were the foundation and driving force behind Main Street Radiology’s growing success, expanding it not only in size and scope but also in the quality of care that it provides, refusing to trade one for the other.

“When I joined there were five people, now there are 45 radiologists,” Wolff states, acknowledging that “each radiologist is board certified and fellowship trained.”

Dr. Wolff proudly adds, “the radiologists are superb, the technologists are superb, but it’s the facility and the caring of people that work here: that to me is the most important.”

“The need to be kind and caring. It is a prerequisite to working at Main Street Radiology,” Dr. Wolff explained, “because sometimes the job entails having to deliver very difficult news. Sometimes you have to give a bad diagnosis to somebody, and the ability to give it and make them feel like there’s hope and make them feel like there’s a future for them is extremely important,” he said.

Dr. Wolff’s commitment for outstanding patient care continues under the leadership of today’s president, Dr. Ari Jonisch. As his successor, Dr. Jonisch recognizes the diversity of the Queens community and the importance of precise and easy communication. “We try to imbue empathy into all of our patient interactions — not just the physician interactions, but whether it’s the front desk, scheduling, on the phone with a receptionist or with a technologist — that’s how we try to approach everything,” adding “our staff is built to service the very heterogeneous population that is Queens.”

Channeling Dr. Wolff’s commitment and devotion to professional and high-quality patient care, Main Street Radiology is at the forefront in technology with 3T MRI, XRay, CT, CT Coronary Imaging, Ultrasound, Echocardiograms, DaTscan, PET Scan and of course a Complete Women’s Imaging Center that includes biopsies, Savi Scouts and 3-D Mammography. Each radiologist is board-certified and reads exams according to their field of expertise. With offices in Bayside, Flushing, Jackson Heights and Glendale, Main Street Radiology continues to serve their neighboring demographics and strive for an exceptional patient experience.

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