Emmy-winning designer found dead after 6 mo. 1

Evelyn Sakash was found under piles of trash in her College Point home March 30. She had been missing for six months.

Another Hollywood life ended tragically, this time in College Point.

Emmy-winning set designer Evelyn Sakash, who had been missing since September, was found dead March 30.

She had been in her home on the corner of 14th Avenue and 123rd Street the entire time.

The NYPD sent out a missing persons notice in late October. Sakash had last been seen leaving the home on Sept. 30.

Six months later, her sister decided it was time to clean out the College Point home. A cleaning crew found Sakash, known for being a heavy hoarder, under debris in the kitchen Tuesday afternoon, police told the New York Post.

Police confirmed to the Chronicle that they and their cadaver dogs had searched Sakash’s home twice in October, but were unable to find the missing woman because the stench of her trash-filled home was too overwhelming.

The NYPD removed four dogs and six cats from the home and brought them to a nearby shelter, but was forbidden from removing the garbage without a court order because there was no suspicion that a crime had been committed.

When Sakash was finally found it was apparent she had been dead for some time and her body was decomposing. The medical examiner is investigating when and how she died.

Sakash was an award-winning set designer with nearly 30 credits on her IMBD page, including as the art director for a 2006 episode of “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” and as an art department crew member for a 2015 episode of “Orange Is the New Black.” Her extensive skillsets were put to use on wide-ranging programs, from Broadway to Sesame Street.

Sakash, nicknamed “Hawkgirl,” won a Daytime Emmy in 2003 for art direction for the children’s series “Between the Lions.”

Under the trivia section of her IMBD page, it states that “while workers were cleaning her home in March 2021, which was full of items from constant and obsessive hoarding, her mummified body was found on her kitchen floor underneath rubbish.”

A GoFundMe initially created to fund the search for Sakash was transformed into a fundraiser to pay for funeral costs. It reached its $10,000 benchmark April 2, but the organizers then increased the goal to $20,000 as the donations continued to flood in. As of April 7, nearly $11,000 had been raised for Sakash’s sister.

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