• November 22, 2019
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Queens Chronicle

Bowne Park suffers flooded building

Full-time worker will be back after new furnace is installed there

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Posted: Thursday, February 13, 2014 10:30 am

Like most city parks these days, Bowne in Flushing is snow covered and its lake frozen, but burst pipes in a Parks Department maintenance building may have affected cleanup there following the recent storms.

Bags of garbage had been spotted in the park and cans thrown onto the lake. But the Parks Department said Monday that mobile crews clean up Bowne five days a week, with the only snafu the flooded building.

“A staff member had been stationed in the park to help maintain it, but with last month’s extraordinarily cold weather, a pipe in the park house burst, flooding the basement and furnace, and rendering the building unusable,” said Parks Department spokesman Zach Feder. “We have ordered a new furnace for the building, and once that is installed, we will again be able to station a worker there full time.”

He encouraged park visitors to take any trash with them or properly dispose of it in an appropriate receptacle.

Wanada Beck-Antosh, president of the Bowne Park Civic Association, said she has received no complaints about garbage piling up. “The only illegal thing we see is people skating on the ice, but it’s just a few,” Beck-Antosh noted.

Signs are posted to prevent people from skating, but she said the ice now is so solid that many think it’s safe.

Two nearby residents who enjoy spending time in the park have contacted the Chronicle in the past about algae problems in the lake during warm weather. Sharon Wohlgemuth said Bowne is “really kept nice and clean” and applauded officials from finally solving the algae problem.

Jerry Kaplan, who does not know Wohlgemuth, said he was at the park on Friday and didn’t see any garbage. “It’s not dirty and I have no complaints now,” Kaplan added.

Councilman Paul Vallone (D-Bayside) said Monday he has received no messages about the park and urged residents to call his office if they arise at (718) 619-8611. Vallone added that cutbacks to the Parks Department have affected cleanups throughout the city.

“Bowne Park is on my list and I will target it for renovations and upgrades,” he said.

The almost 12-acre Bowne Park is bordered by 29th and 32nd avenues and 155th and 159th streets. It was named after Walter Bowne, a descendent of Flushing pioneer John Bowne. Walter Bowne served as the city’s 59th mayor from 1828 to 1832 and later as a state senator. His summer house was on the property, but burned down in 1925. It has been a park since then.

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  • FlooshingRezident posted at 8:29 am on Sun, Feb 16, 2014.

    FlooshingRezident Posts: 2

    For the record - I did not mean to imply that the journalist was careless, merely that those contacted are not great sources in this instance - although one would think that they should be!

    The Bowne Park Civic Assn. has no posted phone # and an anemic website. It's not in the loop and, most definitely, not a good resource for local events.

    Secondly, Vallone was contacted at district19@council.nyc.gov the day the posting went up on Queens Crap on 2/6/2014.

    This is not the first time there's been a flurry of activity following a posting on Queens Crap! It's a pity that one has to shame the DOP into action.

  • FlooshingRezident posted at 3:02 pm on Fri, Feb 14, 2014.

    FlooshingRezident Posts: 2

    This article is filled with errors. The facts about the park were published on Queens Crap last week and emailed to Vallone.

    The only way to contact the Bowne Park Civic Assn. is by snail mail!!!

    The garbage is still there buried under the snow!!! The park is run down and disgusting. The clean-up crew showed up after the initial article was published on Queens Crap!!!!