Turkey Trot

PS 97Q, The Forest Park School, was thrilled to have the opportunity to host a Turkey Trot this year and what a success it was, thanks to Ms. Stuart, one of the science teachers. Together, as a school community, the students were able to raise over $12,000 which will be used to enhance their technology program. The principal, Mrs. Custodio, is looking forward to seeing the growth to the technology program which will support Scratch, Scratch, Jr., Coding and so much more.

Students reached out to their family and friends for support and it just kept coming in. From the first day of the event, each day Ms. Stuart shared the total raised encouraging all students to be a part of what she knew would be a huge success. Ms. Kabbadias and Class 4-408 hit the ground running and never stopped! Their class had the highest total class amount with $2,690, earning themselves a pizza party which they cannot wait to enjoy! Individual students were watching the totals and had a healthy competition going on!  Each day more and more money was being raised by all knowing that they were going to be able to give great support to the Computer Science program.

The Grand Prize winners, raising over $2,000 each, Jacob Irizarry, Class 4-408, and Victoria Richards, Class K-316, earned a complete Thanksgiving Dinner basket to enjoy with their families. Earning Kindles are the third-place winner, Mia Maxwell, Class 2-301, with $935 raised, and the fourth place winner, Xavier Toromoreno, Class 1-203, with $600 raised. Placing in fifth-, sixth- and seventh-place, each earning a Prize Pack, are Kayley O’Donoghue, Class 2-301, with $550, Adam Ahmed, Class 3-306, with $465, and Mia Segura, Class 2-310, with $340 raised.

The school was also honored to have state Sen. Joseph Addabbo join for the event along with Kenny Wilson, Community Board #9 Chairman, Ed Wendell, Project Woodhaven, Ken Gordon, Woodhaven Library, and with the support of officers from the 102nd Pct. keeping everyone safe while in the streets!

Some English as a Second Language students took their coding skills on the road! Mrs. Abramowitz, one of the ESL teachers, took her students to the Apple Store at the Queens Center mall, left. They learned how to do coding and they were able to program their robots so they could be mobile. The students had a great time there and want to know when they are going back. Mrs. Abramowitz is planning another trip for them. Trips such as this one helps build on their vocabulary, strengthening their English language.

Ms. Kabbadias, one of the fourth-grade teachers, and Class 4-408, right, have done an amazing job highlighting that they are all different but still all connected. The students enjoyed mapping out the countries they are from and shared important information about their cultures.

Ms. Gould, along with her para Ms. Morrero and students in Class Pre-K 216, and Mrs. Spar, along with her para, Ms. Legaspi and students in Class Pre-K 215, right, participated in a “Shakers and Bakers” activity. The students mixed all the ingredients needed to make a donut using their math skills to make sure they measured each one carefully. The students learned how different ingredients react when mixed together. They then baked their donuts adding some sprinkles and enjoyed them together!

Mrs. Spar and her para, Ms. Ligaspi turned the front yard into a pumpkin patch allowing students from their class, Pre-K 215 to experience a great time pumpkin picking! Each student ventured out to the yard and picked their favorite pumpkin! They returned to their classroom where each child turned their pumpkin to a jack-o’lantern!

If you would like to be featured on a School Spotlight page, call Lisa LiCausi, Education Coordinator, at (718) 205-8000, Ext. 110. Online go to qchron.com/schoolnews.

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