What’s an AK-47 doing in Queens? 1

The AK-47 is a deadly assault rifle that can fire 10 rounds per second.

Three men were murdered in Springfield Gardens Saturday morning in a drive-by shooting with an AK-47 assault rifle. At least 63 shots were fired, and questions are still looming over the incident, including why such a serious weapon was on the streets. The submachine gun was developed in Russia to be used as a military weapon. The 11-pound weapon can fire 600 rounds per minute, or 10 rounds per second.

The Assault Weapons Ban, enacted by Bill Clinton during his presidency in 1994, banned automatic and some semiautomatic guns, including AK-47s. The ban expired in 2004 and has not been renewed since then.

“It’s horrific and it’s shameful that our nation allows this kind of slaughter to continue,” said Dennis Henigan, vice president of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

Henigan said he wants the Assault Weapons Ban to be reinstated and he also wants the Brady Bill, which requires background checks of licensed gun sellers, to be extended to all gun sales.

“Most of the guns wreaking havoc in New York City come from other states,” he said, adding they are mostly Southeastern states. Mayor Bloomberg has repeatedly pressed for greater restrictions on guns sold in other states.

He added that microstamping technology should be used to track down shooters. A microscopic code is embedded in the shell casings so that police can trace a gun without having it in their possession. California is the only state to pass that legislation, but it has not yet been implemented.

Henigan said New York State has been considering the legislation for several years, but it keeps getting stalled in the Senate.

He added that 80 percent of gun owners support extending the Brady Bill and that the National Rifle Association, a strong gun lobby, represents only a small percentage of gun owners.

“Right now, too many politicians are only hearing the intimidating voice of the gun lobby, and the gun lobby does not represent the American population,” he said.


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"The Assault Weapons Ban, enacted by Bill Clinton during his presidency in 1994, banned automatic and some semiautomatic guns, including AK-47s. "
This statement is full of bad information. First, the 'Assault Weapons Ban' did NOT ban automatic weapons. Automatic weapons have been strictly controlled as Class III weapons since the National Firearms Act of the late 1930's. Anyone who can pass an FBI background check and pay a $200 tax can obtain a 'machine gun'.
Secondly, the ban only covered semi-autos that LOOKED LIKE machine guns.
This author needs to go back to school and learn how to do research.


AK-47s can be purchased in the rest of the state outside of NYC.


And why does this writer think this gun is fully automatic? very unlikely


astronerd is correct in his comments.
I know many, many people who own guns and have concealed handgun permits. Not one wants the 1994 ban reenacted. Where does Bloomingbird or the author come up with these stats? Just another accepted prevarication from the left.
By the way, what exactly is a "serious" weapon vs a "non-serious" weapon"?
What proof does the writer have that the gun in question was an assault weapon? Assault weapons are capable of full automatic firing. A semi-automatic weapon is not classified as an assault weapon. Does the authour have information about this that was not shared with readers?


The most common mistake in the media today, that is NOT, an assault weapon. That terminology created by Hitler, was the description for a new weapon, capable of shoot an ammunition shorter and lighter than the 8mm Mauser, grater that the 30 pistol Mauser, and the most important MUST fire over 500 rounds per minute. The real ones that qualify as an assault weapon have a price above $ 7,000.00 the cheapest, and are super regulated, only can be purchase in a Class III firearm dealers. Those that you call assault weapon are CARBINES, semi automatic capable only of 60 to 80 rounds er minute with an stock that imitate the real assault weapon. Because you dress as a priest, you are not, you are just a fake priest. Those carbines are only look alike AK's please before make this histories be informed what are you telling the people, we even have politician calling that carbines assault weapon . This prove that the Sullivan Las has never worked in NY, and will never work in any place, that the Banana Republic stile mayor restricting even the National Guard to help people in need after Sandy DO NOT STOP CRIME.. Stop calling carbines, Assault weapons. Look instead the reasons behind the killing. and do not be politically correct when you find the answer. Thanks


How did an AK-47 get to Queens? It probably took the subway, unless the gun owns a car and drove there, before firing itself. We all know that people don't kill people, GUNS kill people!


The Assault Weapons Ban didn't even ban semi-autos! You could buy a semiauto AR15 or a semi AK47 in most states during this time as long as it didn't have a collapsible stock or a bayonet lug..and yes you could buy 30 round magazines too as long as they were made before 1994 (and there were plenty of those on the streets dirt cheap) .

jim q

No law would have stopped this,, gang thugs don't obey laws in thefirst place, but the law wil stop a law abiding citizen from protecting themselves. There are no such things as ak-47 shell casings the ammo is used in several different rifles.


The Assault Weapons Ban was a "feel good" bill. All it REALLY banned was bayonet lugs and flash hiders. The pre-ban AR15 could have them. The post-ban AR15 could not. Same weapon. I don't know of anyone killed with a flash hider, and damn few with a bayonet.


this is why the public is miss informed-by the media telling stuff like this the media is bullsh--.they tell it one way and its always the way it really aint.the people who did this is not law abiding citizens there criminals.people who can go through the process to get the weapons that will actually fire 10 rounds per second won't be out there doing drive bies. tell the story right ore not tell it at all


N.Y has some of the toughest gun laws in the Nation.And their politicians want more. Do you think the people who did this will turn in their guns? laughable.
They could do nothing to stop this situation from happening. The guns were most likely stolen. All the Gun Laws in world would not have stopped this from happening. Thank the N. Liberals for this one...


The Clinton ban did not ban semi automatic rifles. Semiautomatic rifles have been used for sporting and self defense purposes for over 100 years. In a semi auto, you need to pull the trigger each time to fire a round.
A full-auto (aka a machine gun) is a class 3 weapon, highly regulated since 1930 and a full auto AK (which is NOt what we are talking about here) can shoot 600 rounds per minute. It runs out of ammo in 30/600 * 60 or about 3 seconds!
The clinton banned certain semiautos that LOOKED like full auto rifles but WERE NOT.
So not sure what this "journa;ist" here wants: should we ban ALL semiautos including deer rifles?
Also, an ak47 round or an ar15 round are considered intermediate rounds. AK47s and ar15s are NOT heavy weapons. In many states it is ILLEGAL to even hunt with them because they are SO LIGHT! Your average .30 cal deer rifle is WAY more powerful. Stands to reason, a deer is heavier than a person.
So should we ban ALL semi auto rifles and pistols so ONLY the criminals have them, and then let our citizens defend themselves with single shot pistols?

No, things are fine the way they are. The number of shootings is actually DECLINING, even though a hysterical media is sensing that Obama does not have to run again and so can do what he really wants to do now. And they are blowing up every incident. The FACTs are: The US has the greatest number of GUN homicides, but other countries have an equal number of homicides (when you control for age, demographics and other variables). So would you rather people were killed with clubs and chains and iron rods, or with a gun?
Also, the violent crime rate (the kind that puts you in hspital and changes your life) is MUCH higher in gun-free countries where women, older citizens and generally weaker citizens are sitting ducks for gangs of youths. For example, in UK the violent crime rate is 2200 per 100,000! That;s right, 1 in 50.
In the Canada it is 900 per 100,000. In Australia: about 1500 per 100,000.
In the USA: 450 per 100,000.
The USA IS the safest country in the world PRECISELY because we allow common citizens to carry arms to defend themselves. Remember, when SECONDS count, the police are only MINUTES away!

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