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National Night Out in 103rd, 105th pcts.

Posted: Thursday, August 8, 2019 10:30 am

The NYPD celebrated National Night Out Against Crime on Tuesday night, with the 103rd Precinct event taking place at Rufus King Park in Jamaica and the 105th hosting festivities at Cabbell Park in Cambria Heights.

In the top row, left, Sgt. Gherardi of the 103rd tends the grill for hungry revelers, while a short distance away Ishfaq Arham and Ishtiyaq Arib take a stroll. Next to them, residents of the 105th Precinct relax in the park before dusk.

In the second row, left, Norma Escobar and Anna Matute sit in the shade at Rufus King Park with Nemios and Noemy Borrios, who may have been waiting to visit with the Federation of Black Cowboys. Back over at Cabbell Park, Kassidi and Kelsi Merteens showed off their new face painting art, as well as a few dance moves.

Back in Rufus King park, in the third row, left, Andy Hosein brings his son, Aiden, 9 months, to the first of many National Nights Out. Next to them, Explorers from the 103rd Precinct, under the supervision of Anti-crime Officer Mary Lawrence, prepare to feed hungry revelers, while back in Cambria Heights DJ Fingas and DJ Tangorray kept the atmosphere lively for those dancing or just tapping their feet. Aso on hand were Scout Troop/Pack 265 from Queens Village.

At right, Councilwoman Adrienne Adams and NYPD Assistant Chief David Barrere, commanding officer of Patrol Borough Queens South, arrive in Jamaica. At far right, a bounce house slide is worth a million smiles.