Here are the the first highlights of the new school year at Mathematics, Science Research and Technology Magnet High School at the Campus Magnet Complex in Cambria Heights.

Students and staff from the Mathematics, Science Research and Technology High School visited Philadelphia, Pa., which is called the “Cradle of American Democracy.” They toured the Liberty Bell, Ben Franklin’s Printing Shop, Carpenter’s Hall, The National Constitution Center, the Franklin Institute and other historic sites.

Computer science teacher Mrs. Gonzalez-Shields, left, has developed a Tech Team at the Mathematics, Science Research and Technology High School, which provides valuable service for the school and gives the students invaluable skills. In large corporations such groups are often called a Mouse Squad or IT Team and provide in-house technology services useful in keeping the business operating smoothly.  Mrs. Gonzalez-Shields has taught her Tech Team to repair the school computers and reimage them when necessary, organize the computer carts, update the school’s Instagram Page and keep the YouTube Page operating properly, while performing many other technology functions. All these activities make the students highly trained technicians with very valuable skills.  Above with Mrs. Gonzalez-Shields are Avinaha Guerrier, Taisha Guerrier, Vilma Gonzales, Abia Farzandali and Erin Jagmhan, from left to right. 

Living environment teacher Mr. Ota at MAST High School helped enrich his students by taking them to the Japanese Gardens in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. This is one of many enrichment activities provided by Principal Allike Thompson-Young for her students.

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