Students attended annual Black College Expo

Parent Coordinator and College Advisor Karima Tonge and Guidance Counselor Danielle Aris at the Humanities and The Arts High School (HUM) in the Campus Magnet Educational Campus in Cambria Heights recently again took students to the annual Black College Expo held at CUNY Medgar Evers in Brooklyn.This giant event gives seniors a chance to see the many college opportunities available to them. They can obtain literature, can apply to the various colleges and be offered scholarship by the colleges then and there. HUM students who attended were Brianna Bonner, Myracle Richards, Zion Lopez, Oluwatosin Kupoluyi, Latanya Hepburn, Joseline Aguilar and Adeejah Olushoga. Ms. Tonge reported that each student received several acceptances along with thousands of dollars in scholarships during the event. The photos show the HUM students circulating around the tables set up by the various black colleges. Some students are showing off their acceptances and scholarships offered them while some are just absorbing what they are being told. Workshops were available for the students at other locations on campus. The Principal of the Humanities and the Arts High School is Mr. Ayetiwa Kayode.

Youth Development Team holds Red Ribbon event against drug use

Ms. Hitt is coordinator of the Youth Development Leadership Team which works to fight against drugs and alcohol use by teenagers in the four schools in the Campus Magnet Educational Complex, Cambria Heights. She trains students from the schools to be advocates against substance abuse as members of the group. Their big event last Oct. 23 to Oct. 31, was the Red Ribbon Campaign which is thelargest drug prevention program in the nation. Students and staff were urged to wear red ribbons as a visible display for a drug-free lifestyle. Members of Ms. Hitt’s team made the red ribbons and then gave them out in the Campus Magnet Complex. On Oct. 25, the student wore black T-shirts to show their stance against drugs and visited freshmen classes to bring awareness. Parents should be aware that 53 percent of children who abuse prescription drugs get them from family medicine cabinets or family members.

Story by Bob Harris

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