Hostage negotiator talks down suspect 1

Det. Brenda Reddick, center, talked down a suspect who had exchanged gunfire with police during an alleged domestic dispute, according to Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison, standing to her right.

Police responded to a 911 call on Tuesday at 8:40 a.m. where an off-duty officer was in need of assistance in a domestic incident in South Ozone Park, which involved a male suspect later exchanging gunfire with officers.

Upon arrival, patrol officers knocked on the front door and initially engaged the man in conversation, according to Citizen App. However, the suspect later threatened to shoot the officers that led to the police backing away and requesting an Emergency Service Unit at the scene located at 133rd Avenue and 129th Street.

The off-duty woman officer was still at the home as ESU attempted to maintain a dialogue with the man, according to Chief of Detectives Rodney Harrison at a press conference that was held later that day on Sept. 14.

“The suspect shot several times at those officers,” said Harrison. “During the standoff between the suspect and the police, the female involved was able to jump out of a second-floor window. The male involved then shot in the direction of the female and then the ESU personnel. Officers returned fire, causing the suspect to retreat back inside the window.”

While trying to attempt another dialogue with the suspect, who was shot in the right arm, one of his relatives arrived at the scene, according to Harrison.

“The relative worked with our officers from our hostage negotiations team,” said Harrison of the suspect’s brother.

Det. Brenda Reddick, of the 106th Precinct, did a phenomenal job engaging in that conversation with the suspect, who voluntarily came to the door where he was placed under arrest, according to the chief of detectives.

“The brother showed up at the scene,” said Reddick. “We didn’t know if he was related to the male or the female who was inside. I had to grab him to keep him from running into an active crime scene.”

The NYPD had to grab the brother and calm him down before they presented him with the option of helping them with hostage negotiations so that he could speak with the suspect, according to Reddick.

“Both individuals who were involved in this incident were removed to a local hospital,” said Harrison, who went on to thank Reddick for her work.

The off-duty officer seems to have a broken leg, according to Harrison’s preliminary report.

“We respond to a host of different domestics throughout the city,” said Harrison of the off-duty officer who he believes was married to the suspect. “Very rarely do we get one of our own ... They were probably married, but I don’t know how long.”

Reddick felt good about the safe apprehension of the suspect.

“Although someone got shot, no one lost their life,” added Reddick.

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