Gun arrests on rise in Jamaica 1

Capt. Lutfi Dalipi of the 103rd Precinct said a suspect has been identified in the Oct. 15 killing of Numani Lambert at Rufus King Park and that police are working on establishing probable cause.

Gun arrests jumped in the 103rd Precinct in the 28-day period through Nov. 8, with 11 compared to just two in the same period in 2019.

Capt. Lutfi Dalipi of the 103rd Precinct said Tuesday people are being arrested for firearms and then getting out quickly.

“What incentive is there not to do it again?” he said. “You’re thinking that you’re going to beat the case.”

One man who had been arrested for robbery with a firearm got out on bail and was later arrested for a street robbery, with two firearms on him. He is now in jail, according to Dalipi.

There were four shootings in the precinct in the 28-day period and no arrests. One person, Numani Lambert of University Avenue in the Bronx, was killed at Rufus King Park on Oct. 15. He was shot just after 4:30 p.m. near the park’s comfort station and the King Manor Museum.

Dalipi said a suspect has been identified and the police have been working on probable cause.

The precinct, which encompasses the Downtown Jamaica Business District, Hollis Park Gardens, Hollis, Lakewood and Jamaica, has seen a 12.8 percent increase in index crimes in the year through Nov. 8, compared to the same time last year.

Murders went from five to eight.

Robberies jumped from 257 to 306, a 19.1 percent increase. Dalipi said some of the robberies stem from “shopliftings gone bad.”

Felony assaults went from 385 to 386; burglaries spiked from 140 to 206, a 47.1 percent increase. Vehicle thefts have gone from 86 to 145, a 68.6 percent rise.

Dalipi said people are leaving wallets, credit cards and other valuables in their cars. Another issue is cars being taken because of the vehicle’s on button.

“People think, ‘Oh, I have the key and the key’s not in the car,’ but you can still drive away with the vehicle,” he said.

The precinct saw a 2.4 percent uptick in index crimes in the 28-day period through Nov. 8.

There were 27 robberies, the same as last year. Felony assaults dropped from 35 to 32, an 8.6 percent decrease. Burglaries increased from 15 to 20, a 33.3 percent jump. Grand larcenies went from 37 to 31, a 16.2 percent drop.

Vehicle thefts doubled from eight to 16.

Dalipi also said the precinct is still seeing victims fall prey to phone scams.

“If anyone has a question about it, please call the precinct,” he said. “I promise you no government agency, no Social Security, no police department is going to get paid in a gift card or Venmo. People are still doing that.”


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