Carole Sylvan back on stage Nov. 11 1

Jamaica’s Carole Sylvan will be back on stage at the Triad Theater Nov. 11.

Carole Sylvan, a Jamaica resident and international recording artist, has a new album titled “Love,” which features the soulful powerhouse band The Name Droppers and they will be performing at the Triad Theater located 158 W. 72 St. on Nov. 11.

A Connecticut based-band, The Name Droppers includes Rafe Klein, Ron Rifkin and Music Hall of Fame inductees Bobby Torello and Scott Spray.

In 2009, Sylvan had a Billboard top 10 hit with her song “Just Doin’ What We Love,” and performed vocals on U2’s multi-platinum album “Rattle and Hum,” according to her spokeswoman Anita Daly. Over the years she has performed with artists such as the C&C Music Factory, Peabo Bryson, Pet Shop Boys, Toni Braxton, The Weather Girls, Jennifer Holiday, Brandy, Patti La Belle and Lionel Richie and landed a gold record with the 1980 hit album “Hot Box,” which featured her vocals on the hit single “Money.”

At 16, Sylvan performed with James Brown at Yankee Stadium She also remains a member of the group Musique.

“I am thrilled to be back at The Triad Theater in New York City for a live encore performance of my new album, ‘LOVE’ which is getting airplay on the radio nationwide and in Europe,” said Sylvan via email.

“I will be performing on stage with the blues and soul band, The Name Droppers, and with special guest Bobby Harden. Our show at The Triad in August was sold out and the crowd was rocking. I am more than honored to be performing again with such a wonderful group of talented musicians and singers. I so look forward to seeing everyone — so come on out, it will be a blast!”

The show will be an amalgamation of soul, blues and rock ’n’ roll, according to Daly.

The show will have original numbers and remixes of songs like “Tennessee Whiskey” and “To Love Somebody,” according to the Triad Theater.

Tickets for the show are available at the website and the show begins at 8 p.m. To enter, audience members must show proof of vaccine and those ineligible for vaccination must show a negative Covid-19 test from within 48 hours of arrival. Lack of proof will result in denial of entry with no refund. The run time is estimated at 75 to 90 minutes and there is a two-drink minium.

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