Dozen of alleged gang members have been charged with dealing drugs and other crimes in Southeast Queens after a 15-month investigation by the NYPD’s Queens Gang Squad and the Queens District Attorney’s Narcotics Investigations Bureau. In all, 45 people were arrested, including an alleged 19 customers.

The two drug operations were making $15,000 a week by selling narcotics to street dealers who sold the drugs to their customers, according to the Queens DA.

The police seized approximately one and one-half kilograms of cocaine, over 50 decks of heroin, a quantity of marijuana, approximately $70,000 in alleged narcotic proceeds, numerous cell phones, four handguns and a 9-mm Intratec submachine gun, the DA said.

The drug operation was being run by a sect of the Bloods street gang known as the South Side Bloods and the Corley Crew, led by James “Wall” Corley, an original member of the Queens Supreme Team, a violent narcotics gang that gained power during the city’s crack epidemic in the 1980s, the DA said.

“Although Corley allegedly took extreme care to insulate himself from detection by law enforcement by frequently changing telephone numbers and having he and his associates communicate through coded language, his efforts proved unsuccessful,” DA Richard Brown said in a prepared statement. “These arrests — and the seizure of drugs, guns and other contraband resulting from this investigation — should serve as a warning to both drug dealers and violent criminals alike that the law enforcement community – in spite of the City’s economic difficulties – will continue to aggressively track down those individuals who traffic in drugs and seek to put them in prison.”

The DA alleges that:

The Corley Crew supplied customers in the South Jamaica Houses, the Baisley Houses, Rochdale Village and other areas in Jamaica, while the South Side Bloods supplied customers in Baisley Gardens and other parts of the Jamaica.

On May 10, Corley was charged with three narcotics sales and other related charges. Police recovered a quantity of cocaine, ten vials of Lidocaine (commonly added to cocaine as a diluent), 45 forged $5 bills and various narcotics paraphernalia at his Rochdale Village residence.

Other top members of Corley’s drug operation were also apprehended on May 10. Among them were Nathan Braithwaite and Troy Walker. Police recovered 27 forged $20 bills, 28 forged $5 bills, a quantity of cocaine and various narcotics paraphernalia from Braithwaite’s residence and cocaine and heroin from Walker’s residence, both located in Jamaica.

Nicole Turner, who maintained a narcotics stash-house for the narcotics suppliers of the organization, was arrested two days earlier. Police recovered approximately 231 grams of cocaine, six kilo presses, three digital scales and narcotics packaging materials from the location.

Gregory Avery, an associate of Corley, was apprehended on February 16 at the Crown Motor Inn after he sold cocaine to two customers. By using court-authorized eavesdropping warrants, the authorities learned that Kyle Milburn, one of Corley’s suppliers, allegedly sold approximately 494 grams of cocaine to Kenneth Whitehead, who is a Bronx narcotics dealer.

Thereafter, Milburn and one of his workers, Ryan Pelt, were arrested for cocaine possession. Approximately $65,000 from alleged drug sales were recovered from a safety deposit box used by Whitehead.

Electronic surveillance revealed that members of the South Side Bloods also supplied narcotics throughout Jamaica and passed around a “work telephone,” to ensure that they would be available to their customers 24 hours a day.

For a complete list of those arrested and the charges against them, visit the Queens Chronicle website at   


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