The end of Kessel run in Forest Hills 1

Drivers can no longer turn from Union Turnpike to Kessel Street.

The city last week applied the finishing touches to the redirected easternmost end of Kessel Street in Forest Hills.

Kessel stretches east to west from Union Turnpike to Selfridge Street and still runs one way in a westerly direction with the exception of one block.

Kessel between 75th Road and Union Turnpike now is one way only in the eastbound direction.

Kessel runs parallel to Metropolitan Avenue, and drivers had, with increasing frequency, used it as a high-speed bypass to avoid the traffic lights on Metropolitan and the vehicular traffic that can back up on Union at the light where Metropolitan and Union meet.

Fresh markings were on the street last Thursday and Department of Transportation barriers were keeping drivers off the fresh lines and letters. Frank Gulluscio, district manager of Community Board 6, confirmed Tuesday that the switch was made. Community Board 6 back last November recommended the change in response to increased speeding and car accidents on Kessel.

There had been some objection over concerns that drivers might now turn off Union Turnpike one block earlier, taking Greenway South through Forest Hills Gardens.

But proponents of the change pointed out that Greenway South is a far less direct route for drivers, and that it is a private road owned by Forest Hills Gardens, which thus can erect signs or make other changes to discourage drivers more quickly and easily than the city can.

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