Snow lives up to forecast; Queens teacher slams mayor 1

Friday's snow in New York City matched or exceeded forecasts, with about 6 inches appearing to have fallen in places such as Forest Hills, above, and even more elsewhere in Queens.

The snow came in as predicted Friday morning, with depths meeting or exceeding forecasts in Queens during the first real storm of the season.

At LaGuardia Airport, the National Weather Service officially observed 8.4 inches, according to a report marked for 8:05 a.m. Other totals in the borough were lower, ranging from 6 inches in Elmhurst, as reported by a member of the public, to only 3.7 inches in Bayside, also as reported to the NWS. The other official government reading, at Kennedy Airport, was 5.5 inches.

Schools remained open, with Mayor Adams saying, “We don’t have any more days to waste, and the long-term impact of leaving our children home is going to impact us for years to come,” according to NY1. “I’m not going to contribute to that.”

The mayor was briefed on snow operations by Sanitation Commissioner Edward Grayson and met with DSNY workers before heading to City Hall, according to tweets posted on his office’s account and that of the city itself. He also visited a school on Staten Island with new Chancellor David Banks.

“New Yorkers #GetStuffDone, no matter the weather,” the city account said around 9 a.m., using Adams’ catchphrase for his administration. “We stand tall.”

Not everyone agreed with Adams’ approach. Arthur Goldstein, a teachers union leader at Francis Lewis High School in Fresh Meadows, said on Twitter that he spun out in the snow Friday morning and hit a lamppost.

“I’m okay, but I’m NEVER coming in on a snowy day again,” the United Federation of Teachers chapter leader vowed. “Put a letter in my file.”

Goldstein also linked to an article at that he posted about the incident, saying, “David Banks doesn’t care about our safety.”

The Freeport, LI, resident said in the article that the only damage to his Toyota Rav 4 that he could see was a cracked license plate frame.

Goldstein also slammed Banks for keeping schools open and claimed Adams was holding Zoom meetings rather than going out in the snow himself, despite the videos the city posted of events such as his arrival at City Hall and visit to the school on Staten Island.

“Meanwhile, Adams is holding Zoom meetings, because perish forbid HE should be out in the snow with us,” Goldstein said. “He's doing business remotely, and that makes sense. Why on earth does it NOT make sense to hold remote classes for over a million people? Are we his "low skill workers?" Are we the ones who can't handle a corner office like he can? Is that why our lives are not as important as his own?”


This article was updated to include teacher Arthur Goldstein’s full comment about the mayor holding Zoom meetings and to remove the word “only” from the summary of the statement.

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