Queens subways score big in MTA plans

The Broadway station is one of four along the city's Astoria subway line and seven in Queens slated for complete renovation under plans announced Friday by Gov. Cuomo and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Subway riders in Western Queens would be among the biggest beneficiaries under a new capital improvement plan being put forth by Gov. Cuomo and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

They are asking that seven stations in Queens be completely renovated and modernized by the end of 2020, including four on the N-Q line in Astoria and Long Island City, as well as the M-R station at Northern Boulevard in Woodside.

The targeted N-Q stations are at 30th Avenue, Broadway, 36th and 39th avenues.

The plan also calls for refurbishments at M-line station at Parsons Boulevard in Jamaica.

It also seeks to have all 278 underground subway stations wired for wi-fi by the end of the year; more subway clocks; and the introduction of buses and subway cars with security cameras ad USB phone charging stations installed as standard.

The MTA also would accelerate its plans for so-called mobile payments for bus and subway fares, whereby riders can pay by waving a cell phone, other device or bank card to pay rather than have to rely on a MetroCard that is more easily damaged.

Further details and information are available on the MTA’s website at mta.info/press-release/mta-headquarters/new-rapid-approach-station-redevelopment-will-expedite-transformative.

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