Queens Center fights lead to closure by cops 1

Lt. Jospeph Leone of the 110th Precinct.

The Queens Center mall had to be vacated last Friday afternoon after multiple calls were made to police.

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, a rapper, was scheduled to appear for a ticketed event.

Lt. Joseph Leone of the 110th Precinct told Community Board 4 during Tuesday’s meeting that the event was not supposed to begin until 5:30 but it was a half day of school and word got around on social media.

“The idea was you had to spend a certain amount of money inside the store and you got a ticket to see this rapper,” Leone said, adding there were only 50 available.

He said there were multiple calls around 2 p.m. of trouble at the mall, including one saying there was an active shooter situation.

“It was not,” Leone said. “There were no firearms. There were no firearms observed. There were no firearms discharged at all during this whole thing.”

One sergeant was on the scene very quickly and called for multiple resources to come. “We systematically shut down the mall ... we had issues on every single floor from the third, second, first and the food court,” Leone said.

Videos captured fights but Leone said the incidents were isolated to those videos.

There was also a report of a stabbing in the area but he said it was actually related to kids in the neighborhood that happened to be nearby.

“We’ve been talking to the mall to make sure that if you’re going to have some type of event like that, we’re going to work closely with them to ensure that for the safety of the kids who want to go see anyone, also for the people that are just going there with their families or just doing any type of regular shopping, we want to make sure everyone is safe and everyone can walk freely inside the mall,” Leone said.


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