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The Pan American International HIgh School in the Elmhurst Educational Campus is a special school designed to help Hispanic students who have been in the United States fewer than four years to integrate into their new culture, prepare to graduate from high school, to prepare for a career or higher education — yet to maintain their original culture. The school attracts many Hispanic teachers who desire to do their student teaching in PAIHS because they can relate to the Hispanic students easily.  Gabriela Collazos, left, is a ENL student teacher from Queens College, Katie Touros, center, is a tenured ENL teacher who is the teacher mentor and Lisa Fearm, right, is a ENL Graduate student from Queens College. The teachers are shown during their prep period.   ENL is the new ESL and means English as a New Language was opposed to English as a Second Language as it was called for decades.

Student Government 2019-20

The students at Pan American International High School have voted for their student government representatives for the year of 2019-2020. This is the first time in PAIHS history when each class has chosen one person to represent them. There are a total of 18 representatives who will create different events, and campaigns that favor students and community interest.

The group is being organized by Ms. Rojas who is a social studies teacher in the school. In their first meeting they brainstormed different campaigns, services and issues they can work on this school year. Students like Marianna asked for  “former gang members to come to the school to inspire students to choose a life they will be proud of.” Julianna S. suggested “having talks to support students mental health,” while Romin Luna said, “We should have programs on healthy relationships and birth control choices.” Jennifer advocated for bringing immigration lawyers to meet with students and their parents. Other students like Kelvin wanted to create workshops on feminism and combating machismo culture in the school.

Multiple students stated they would like to have a campaign to offer students clean water, or at least sell bottled water at affordable prices in the school. They will continue to meet every Tuesday during their lunch period throughout the school year.

If you would like to be featured on a School Spotlight page, call Lisa LiCausi, Education Coordinator, at (718) 205-8000, Ext. 110. Online go to            

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