Borough President Melinda Katz has joined forces with the 28 members of Community Board 5 who voted in favor of rezoning a portion of Ridgewood from manufacturing to residential at last month’s meeting.

The plan includes rezoning sections of Woodward and Onderdonk avenues and Troutman and Starr streets as R5B and R6B zones instead of the M1-1 zone they are now to allow for apartment buildings to be constructed at 176 Woodward Ave. and 1901 Starr St.

The motion passed CB 5 on April 9 by a 28-11 vote after multiple residents and board members voiced their opinions for and against the issue and Katz lent her voice to the majority on Friday.

“The overall objectives of the proposed rezoning to rationalize several existing legal nonconforming homes located in the existing M1-1 district,” Katz said in her official recommendation, “and to allow redevelopment of two sizable underutilized lots next to the homes would be an improvement in this particular part of Ridgewood.”

However, she didn’t recommend the project without conditions.

Katz advised mandating a number of apartments be made available at a rate comparable to those in nearby residential buildings, as she expressed a concern over some units being too expensive.

Akerman LLP, the firm representing the owner of the lots, said the monthly rents would range between $1,000 and $1,800 depending on the size of the unit.

“The applicant has proposed rent stabilized housing as part of the project,” Katz said. “However, even at rent stabilized rates, some of this housing will still be out of reach for current local residents of that part of Ridgewood.”

The building planned for 176 Woodward Ave. will be a mixed-use structure, with 88 dwellings, 6,707 square feet of commercial space and 3,155 square feet of community space. The structure at 1901 Starr St. will have eight dwelling units.

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