Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley (D-Middle Village) defeated her Republican opponent Craig Caruana on Election Night to win a second term as the 30th District’s City Council representative.

Speaking to dozens of family members and supporters inside the Woodhaven House bar and restaurant at 63-98 Woodhaven Blvd. in Rego Park on Tuesday, Crowley praised those who aided in her re-election campaign and those who voted for her.

“Thank you all for being here tonight and for your support over these very difficult weeks. This has been a long campaign but the people of the 30th District have spoken tonight,” Crowley said to loud applause during her victory speech. “They want to send me back to City Hall.”

According to the Board of Elections, the 35-year-old Crowley handily defeated Caruana by a margin of 59 percent to 41 percent.

The 30-year-old Caruana was gracious in defeat, and in a speech to supporters on Tuesday night, he spoke of how proud he was of his campaign.

“There’s not a drop of sadness in my heart tonight,” Caruana said. “I’m humbled by the hard work and support of my volunteers and staff.”

Caruana campaign manager Kevin Ryan congratulated Crowley on her victory, but also heralded the young Republican’s efforts.

“Forty-one percent for a first-time candidate in a heavily Democratic district against a big-name incumbent ... is no small feat,” Ryan said. “We congratulate Elizabeth Crowley and her campaign staff on their victory.”

While Crowley did not directly address Caruana, her campaign manager Joe O’Hern recognized the arduous challenge put up by the Republican.

“It was a great effort and we take every challenge seriously, but she had a clear mandate tonight,” O’Hern said. “She’s going to work hard whether it’s fighting for women’s healthcare or doing the best job she can for the district.”

Although the councilwoman didn’t arrive until around two hours after the party began, the crowd was buzzing the entire night. They cheered every time the preliminary results scrolled across the television screen above the bar and high-fived once she was projected to win.

Crowley wasted little time on developing an agenda for her second term, outlining issues she plans to focus on.

“Whether it’s investing in infrastructure projects in the district or making sure we improve public transportation, or a woman’s access to healthcare, there’s so much more work ahead of us,” she said in her speech. “I’m so grateful for the four years the district is giving me to go back to City Hall to represent the people here.”

After her speech, Crowley pointed to education as one of the cornerstones of her next term, saying she’s determined to keep “providing some of the best schools in the entire city right here in the district.”

“I want to make sure that our communities remain some of the best communities in the whole entire city to live in and raise a family.”


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