Curtis Sliwa tells Chronicle he's 'absolutely' running against Katz for Queens BP

Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa, left, told the Chronicle on Thursday he will "absolutely" run for Queens borough president against incumbent Melinda Katz, his former partner and the mother of his two youngest children. Here he joined her and Queens Democratic leader Rep. Joe Crowley at a community event.

The decision has been made. Guardian Angels founder and popular radio show host Curtis Sliwa will run for Queens borough president in 2017.

"Absolutely," Sliwa exclusively told the Chronicle after speaking at the Juniper Park Civic Association's Thursday meeting. "No doubt about it."

After saying he was considering a possible BP bid in a speech to the Queens GOP last week, Sliwa authoritatively declared he will run as a Republican against incumbent Democrat Melinda Katz, his longtime ex-partner and the mother of his two youngest children.

He added that his wide-ranging, passionate speech to the crowd of over 100 incredibly enthusiastic supporters in Middle Village was his first "unofficial" campaign stop in his quest to knock the "corrupt" Queens Democratic Party down a peg.

"It's nothing against Melinda," Sliwa continued, "it's just all roads that give the Queens Country Democratic machine a badly needed colonic lead through the borough presidency because that's where the patronage is."

In his speech, Sliwa hammered federal, state and city Democrats who represent Queens for being more corrupt than others, claiming the county is more crooked than any other in the nation.

"This is the most corrupt Democratic organization in America, bar none," he said. "Even more corrupt than Cook County in Illinois, Chicago."

When asked about the impact running against his former partner would have on his family, Sliwa told the Chronicle his campaign wouldn't serve as revenge for the couple's reportedly unpleasant 2014 breakup.

Instead, the Guardian Angels founder said serving as borough president would be the best way to go after the dirty Queens Democratic Party and its leaders, such as Rep. Joe Crowley (D-Bronx, Queens).

"I would have a unique opportunity to burst their bubble," he declared. "I could start a wave."

Neither Katz nor the party could immediately be reached for comment.

Sliwa did admit he hasn't thought enough about what impact, if any, running against Katz would have on their two young sons. But he said it wouldn't stop him from campaigning hard against her as he plans to "pull no punches."

"To be honest with you, I haven't given it as much thought as I should have," he said when asked about his kids, "but I think because they've grown up in a political household with two high-profile parents who already slugged it out in the newspapers and family court, at some point they'll read it all anyway. And I'll be able to explain it if she lets me near them.

"I know all her political bones and where they are buried," he continued. "But I can swear to you, she is not corrupt."

In order to run for borough president, Sliwa must move from Brooklyn to Queens, something he said he was in the early stages of planning.