The MTA is hoping proposed alterations to the Q58 and B26 bus routes will help make the intersection of Palmetto Street and Myrtle and Wyckoff avenues in Ridgewood that much safer for pedestrians.

In a joint meeting of Community Board 5’s Transportation and Public Transit committees on Tuesday, MTA representative Luke DePalma said the agency wants to remove the two buses from traveling westbound along Wyckoff Avenue on the Queens border and instead place their routes on Ridgewood Place one block south in Brooklyn.

“We have Brooklyn’s support on this and we really want to solve this component of this dangerous intersection,” DePalma said. “We want to implement this as soon as possible so we’re looking for spring implementation on this.”

The transit hub containing multiple bus routes and subway lines has been a hotbed for traffic collisions in recent years, with three pedestrians being fatally struck by buses at the intersection since 2013.

The MTA’s proposed rerouting plan calls for the Ridgewood-bound Q58 traveling southbound on Putnam Avenue to travel one block past Wyckoff Avenue, where it presently makes a right turn, and instead make a right on Ridgewood Place.

The bus would then continue for three blocks before turning right onto Palmetto Street, where it would travel two blocks north to the intersection of Myrtle and Wyckoff avenues where the route ends.

The plan also calls for the Ridgewood-bound B26 moving westbound on Wyckoff Avenue to turn left on Putnam Avenue and continue on the same proposed route as the Q58 toward its terminus at the same intersection.

The B26’s Downtown Brooklyn-bound route, which includes eastbound travel on Wyckoff Avenue, would not be impacted.

The measure was unanimously approved, with Transportation Commitee Co-Chairman John Maier saying it was a plan he expected area residents to like.

“I don’t think you would find any Ridgewood people really complaining about this,” Maier said. “That segment of Wyckoff between Palmetto and Putnam is not a pleasant place to be with all the traffic.”


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