107th CO takes his own life near Kissena Park

Deputy Inspector Denis Mullaney started his post as the 107 Precinct commander in September. On Monday, April 5, he took his own life near Kissena Park in Flushing.

Deputy Inspector Denis Mullaney, a 20-year NYPD veteran and the 107th Precinct’s commanding office, took his life inside a department vehicle April 5.

The 44-year-old called his executive officer, Capt. Taso Karathanasis, and family members in the minutes leading up to his death and expressed his suicidal thoughts, The New York Post reported. 

But by the time officers located Mullaney, it was too late.

The commander had parked his department vehicle on Underhill Avenue near the Brooklyn-Queens Greenway and shot himself.

Mullaney started his post at the 107th Precinct in September, the same week he celebrated his two-decade career anniversary. He previously worked for four years as the commanding officer of NYPD Transit District 20, which overlaps with the 107th, as well as seven other precincts.

When he took over the post seven months ago, the 107th Precinct’s year-to-date crime was on a slight increase, most of which was thanks to a 95.2 percent surge in auto thefts. With Mullaney at the helm, the precinct’s total year-to-date crime dropped by nearly 46 percent as of March 28. The troublesome auto thefts had dipped by 32 percent.

“Every week, I do an analysis of where our spikes in crimes are,” Mullaney told the Chronicle during his first week on the job. “If we see a spike, we’re going to concentrate in that area ... We’re going to put our resources there to combat the crime.”

During an email conversation, Mullaney told the Chronicle he was out sick during the last week of March. The NYPD did not respond by press time to a question if the time off was for mental health recuperation.

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