• August 23, 2019
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Queens Chronicle

Do you think harder penalties for unlawful possession and sales of prescription drugs can put an end to the epidemic?


Total Votes: 989


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  • WoodsideFigueroa posted at 12:14 am on Sun, Feb 15, 2015.

    WoodsideFigueroa Posts: 1

    I was a Registered Nurse for 44 years and over those years destroyed my back.
    Intensive chronic back pain has destroyed my retirement and now I feel that the New York State Legislature has declared war on the sick by passing laws that make it very difficult for me to get the medications that permit me to live a functional life as best that I can with my disability. Despite MRI's that document the extent of my spinal disease my doctors now for the first time seem hesitant to prescribe pain medication out of fear that they will be called in by the New York State Department of Health. Patients in New York State have lost their right to pain management because know nothing politicians want to win votes with simple solutions to complex problems. This is the same legislature that is considering legalizing Pot so they can tax the sales. It's time that the sick take control over their health care and vote these bums out!

  • Reuben posted at 8:40 am on Sun, Feb 8, 2015.

    Reuben Posts: 1

    If people want drugs, They will find a way to get them. However, making stricter laws can make it more difficult, and perhaps save a life. That life could be someone's you know or love.