• May 28, 2016
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Jets, Jints and Fernando

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Posted: Thursday, October 21, 2010 12:00 am

The Jets and Giants both played inferior opponents last week and both were lucky to escape with wins.

One can be somewhat forgiving of the Jets’ mediocre performance in their 24-20 victory over the Broncos in Denver. The team had a short week to prepare after beating Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings in a bruising contest the previous Monday night. Longtime fans know that Gang Green has rarely won in the Mile High City even when they had powerhouse teams. Toss in the fact that Jets players knew they had a bye week coming up and you have all of the ingredients for a “trap game,” NFL parlance for a bad upset.

The Giants did not look very crisp in their 28-20 win against the toothless Detroit Lions at New Meadowlands Stadium. While the Lions have somewhat improved recently, the fact remains that they have not won a road game since the Bush administration — Oct. 28, 2007, to be precise.

Fantasy football gets a lot of attention but it rarely attracts marginal fans. Odds are that you’re fully committed to its time-consuming leagues and painstaking drafts or you ignore the fantasy sports world. But a company called Fantasy Sports Now is trying to reach those who might enjoy fantasy football but don’t want the hassles. Its website, playffnow.com, allows fans to create NFL fantasy teams. You can choose the players or the website can assign them for you.

Don’t miss “Fernando Nation,” the latest in ESPN’s “30 for 30” documentary series, which will be shown this Monday at 8 p.m. Directed by Cruz Angeles and produced by the Sterling Productions tandem of James Lawler and Virgil Price, “Fernando Nation” relives the excitement of the early ’80s, when an unheralded pitcher from Mexico, Fernando Valenzuela, dominated baseball with his weird delivery and unhittable screwball.

“Fernando Nation” actually begins in 1959 when the City of Los Angeles used questionable eminent domain powers to forcibly remove the small Mexican-American community from its homes in the downtown Chavez Ravine neighborhood to make way for Dodger Stadium. It’s highly doubtful that any of the residents received commensurate fair market value from the city or from team owner Walter O’Malley. Many Mexican-Americans shied away from attending Dodgers games for 20 years. But that quickly changed with the arrival of Valenzuela and “Fernandomania.”

Coby Electronics, which has offices in Maspeth and Lake Success, is one of the few manufacturers of HD radios. There’s a reason why this product never took off, and it isn’t Coby’s fault. It’s just unlikely that you’ll pick up many HD radio stations. A Coby technical support staffer explained to me that receiving HD radio stations is the equivalent of trying to get broadcast TV without a cable or satellite provider. Basically, it’s a huge roll of the dice.

The good news is that WFAN has a powerful HD signal, and it’s more enjoyable to hear sportscasts in FM-quality sound.

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