• December 20, 2014
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New Dental Laser Technology Offers Patients Pain-Free Smiles At The Speed Of Light

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Posted: Thursday, January 15, 2004 12:00 am

The whining sound of the drill. The sting of the needle. The mere thought of the scalpel. Oh, the pain. Will it ever be possible to relax during a visit to the dentist?

Park Dental Care, in Rego Park, thinks so. And, they’ve taken a major step to put their patients at ease. “It starts by eliminating, as best possible, the most feared aspects of the dental appointment,” Dr. Oleg Klempner said. “Because our primary concern is for the comfort of our patients without compromising the quality of care provided, we determined that an investment in advanced dental laser technology is the solution.”

Dental laser technology has advanced significantly even over recent years. Park Dental Care recently installed an OpusDent unit from the dental division of the world’s largest medical, dental and aesthetic laser company, Lumenis (Nasdaq: LUME). “For the average dentist, incorporating laser technology into the practice may be cost prohibitive,” Dr. Klempner said. “However, the patient benefits cannot be equaled. That’s why we made the investment in the laser and staff training.”

OpusDent lasers promise to eliminate or significantly reduce the need for anesthesia (and needles), allows dentists to perform procedures more quickly and with greater precision, minimize bleeding and the risk of infection and promote faster recoveries with less pain. All of which is done at the speed of light.

Lasers actually deliver energy in the form of light. This “light energy” is absorbed by “target” tissue. In dentistry, the targets include tooth enamel, decay, gum tissue, or whitening enhancers. No measurable effect is experienced beyond the intended target site, making laser procedures very precise.

Numerous dental procedures are performed using lasers. From surgical to cosmetic procedures for patients of all ages, lasers are making us all more comfortable in the dental chair. One such use is the removal of decayed cavity tissue and preparation of surrounding enamel for bonded fillings. Another popular cosmetic use is the recontouring or reshaping gums (sometimes described as “plastic surgery for the smile”). Here, extra or diseased gum tissue is removed. Another use is the vaporization of bacteria in periodontal pockets which promotes healing. Whitening teeth can be accomplished by activating special solutions that are applied to the tooth surface in the dental office by laser light. Dental lasers are even used to treat cold sores with no anesthesia, providing immediate relief and disappearance of the sores.

Dr. Klempner says his patients are extremely happy with his purchase of the laser and the results. “I like to say that with the laser I’m now giving them beautiful, healthy smiles at the speed of light.”

For more information on Park Dental Care and the dental laser procedures and services offered, contact Dr. Klempner at 718-565-5445 or visit his office located at 91-01 63rd Drive, Rego Park.

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