• December 19, 2014
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Grade A golf at a Bayside course

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  • 204th Street Jack posted at 9:33 pm on Sat, Jun 30, 2012.

    204th Street Jack Posts: 2

    I have the feeling I have my own personal BLOG here, could I be the only survivor of those days in Bayside ''West''???? I do know of a few friends that moved away to other parts of the country and state as I have done too but apparently no one either reads this ''I have ofen Walked'' column, their loss too as an article about 35th avenue shopping in ghe 50's is what brought me in from the start, I wish I could find the article on the internet web site to comment but so far haven't.. The articles are well written and informative and I hope to read and comment on many more fo them if I have anything constructive to add to them as I grew up in Bayside and spent many years living there until 1966, a large part of my life and my memories are pleasant ones.

  • 204th Street Jack posted at 12:09 pm on Tue, Jun 26, 2012.

    204th Street Jack Posts: 2

    The name ''Cooper'' and ''Coopy'' for short is remembered in connection to this property back then as well and when the ''Red Barn" area was explored after the property was sold an old Cadillac convertible was left behind in the rear of it in a lower area of the barn, just wondered if anyone else out there recalls it in any way or the names in any way being associated with the Golf Course back in those days??

    Thinking about it all thisin the past few days has had this information ''Float'' to the top so to speak and there is no question of where the property ended on 32nd avenue either, I recall a Q28 Bus Stop Flushing Bound right on the avenue and in front of the ''Lots'' and often when waiting for the bus there in the dark of early winter afternoon and evening to go Christmas Shopping with my Step Mother I wondered what might be hiding in there that I could not see, ''Scared'' maybe... The Bus stop was moved in time to right in front of the Bayside Jewish Center, at the time a new and modern structure to replace the old one taken by the Clearview Expressway project pathway down as it cut through 35th avenue between 206th and 207th streets. The old Temple was condemned for demolition and many a local project at home using brick from it probably still exists. Locals scavenged brick from all of the demolished homes, the rest were moved to different locations as already mentioned in another post earlier in the week.

  • 204th Street Jack posted at 6:12 pm on Sun, Jun 24, 2012.

    204th Street Jack Posts: 2

    That golf course gave me a memorable childhood during the 50's and 60's, I remember it well and fondly. It offered woods and a lot of wide open space and was right up the block from where I lived.

    When it was converted to housing it was a turning point for the entire area.

    Memories of the Red barn and Green Truck stand out even until this day, I used to carry ice water to the construction workers building in that area and collect empty soda and beer bottles and bring down to 32nd avenue delicatessens and candy stores for collection of the deposit which supported my AMT model car habit.

    Time was endless then it seemed but in years of late I have learned time passes quckly as well as runs out sooner or later..

  • 204th Street Jack posted at 3:33 pm on Sat, Jun 23, 2012.

    204th Street Jack Posts: 2

    As a child I Lived near the golf course and it seemed to me it ended at 32nd avenue with a large border of trees and bush we referred to as '' The Lots ". I well remember the ''Red Barn" and the ''Green truck'' that operated out of it and used to come to chase us off the course, protecting us from being ''Beaned" by golf balls.

    It did in fact have sections of beautiful pine trees on the course and many hills, when it closed to become housing land, Bayside High School expansion and worst of all the Clearview Expressway cut right throughthe middle of it life was never the same. I might have spent my life there if so called ''Progress'' did not alter the area as it did.

    One point to mention is many of the nice homes in the path of the Clearview Expressway path south were moved to this golf course property to the area presently behind the Bayside High School Athletic Field or on its northern most end between 204th Street and 206th street, 206th street now a service road for the Clearview Expressway as it was then...