• November 24, 2014
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In Forest Hills, a lot of Chevys

The 1955 Chevrolet was one of the most successful cars in history. General Motors produced over 1,776,000 of them. The car had a snappy small block V-8 engine and a host of power and luxury options. Chevrolet was no longer thought of as an old man’s car and was raised to a new level by young buyers.Luby Chevrolet, located at 105-02 Queens Blvd. in Forest Hills, was one of the largest Chevy dealerships in Queens. However, they ended up with hundreds of unsold ’55 models that September, just a few days before the ’56 cars were to be introduced. They were parked on a huge parcel of land that for many years was owned by Cord Meyer and then by The Luby Realty Co. and the Judley Garage Co.

A burger joint called White Tower
Posted: November 13, 2014

White Tower Hamburgers was founded in 1926 in Milwaukee. Its white fortress structure is considered an imitator of White Castle. The chain was so successful it expanded to 10 major cities. During the Great Depression it was selling hamburgers for 5 cents.

In 1929 White Castle sued White Tower in Minnesota for unfair competition. White Tower countersued in Michigan, as it had arrived there first. White Castle won the Minnesota case in 1930 and also won the Michigan case in 1934.

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A mysterious beauty on the water
Posted: November 06, 2014

One of the most striking homes in Douglas Manor is surrounded in mystery about its original owners.

In 1920 famous local architect Aubrey Grantham designed an outstanding home overlooking Little Neck Bay. It was such an architectural achievement it was in the prestigious Architectural Record magazine.

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Linden Hills: high-class apt. living
Posted: October 30, 2014

After World War II the scramble for a house or apartment was on. The demand for land was so high, and property became so expensive, that for many the most cost-effective way to buy property and build on it and still turn a profit was an apartment house.

Flushing had always been known for its beautiful private homes but those days were over. In 1953 the age of apartment house projects began with a project called “Linden Hills.” This huge complex of buildings was built on land owned by a company called The Old Country Club Land Company.

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The subway reaches 179th St.
Posted: October 23, 2014

On March 14, 1925, the City of New York began construction on the Eighth Avenue Subway line. Upon its completion it was to be leased to private operators.

In Queens County, the end of the Eighth Avenue line was to be 169th Street in Jamaica. It took until 1931 for the work to finally reach that last stop. A transit worker can be seen in this photograph directing traffic to keep anyone from going into the deep shaft in the center of the road.

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Thursday 10/16/2014
Charles Kuegerl Bakery opens in 1912
Posted: October 16, 2014

Seaman Karl Kugerl of Austria docked in New York Harbor in 1905. It was love at first sight. He applied for citizenship and was granted naturalization in 1912. Anxious to be a full American, he changed his name to Charles Kuegerl in the hope to assimilate better. At this time he opened a bakery at 834 Fresh Pond Road. His knowledge of the trade came from his work at his parents’ bakery and guesthouse back in Austria. It was so successful he opened more bakeries going east to Jamaica and Floral Park.

By the end of the 1920s his first bakery had been renumbered 67-06 and was sold to 26-year-old August Leupold, who also lived in Ridgewood. The corner bakery thrived with the help of Leupold’s wife, Josephine, and their three children. By the late 1950s it had been sold again and became The Crown Donut Shop. A short distance from the train station, it was the perfect stop for those on their way to or from work.

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Thursday 10/09/2014
The origins of Howard Beach
Posted: October 09, 2014

This area of land had once been called Brooklyn and now it is officially Howard Beach.

The area was always marshy meadowlands loaded with mosquitoes. It was also the site of the Old Mill Yacht club, which can be seen to the far right of the photo.

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Thursday 10/02/2014
On the slope at Union and the Blvd.
Posted: October 02, 2014

In 1930 the city was marking the parcels to be taken for the construction of a new highway called the Grand Central Parkway and the IND subway in Kew Gardens.

On the northern corner of Queens Boulevard and Union Turnpike was the Burrows and Archers Turnpike Garage. It was at the time the oldest gas station in Forest Hills and a neighborhood institution since 1911. Its owner was Lemuel Burrows, who lived at 50 Greenway South in Forest Hills Gardens. At the right in the photo is the rear of the garage as seen from Union Turnpike.

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