• May 5, 2015
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Wrong on Israel I

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Posted: Thursday, June 27, 2013 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

In Leslie Cagan’s “Israel is no democracy” (Letters, June 20) she made statements that showed an enormous ignorance of both Israel and history which might be excused in Hindus or Muslims but not in Jews or Christians.

Whatever she is, the land the Jews “occupy” in Israel is accepted by Christians and Jews as their Promised Land. The League of Nations made it legal. The lands Cagan foolishly calls “occupied” are Judea and Samara, “occupied” by Jews from the beginning of time, until the Romans conquered Jerusalem, in approximately 8 B.C., put the tribes of Israel down and gave Judea and Samara the Roman name of Palestine. Not Muslim, Roman.

From that time until 1948 the Jews were known as the Palestinians with passports to prove it. But before Israel was declared a sovereign state in ’48, in order to retain some powers in the Middle East, England carved part of it away, gave the land to the Hashemite Kingdom and they called it Jordan. Jordan’s population, naturally, is 78 percent “Palestinian.” The rest of what was previously Palestine became Israel, with the remainder of the Muslims left in Israel after the ’67 war becoming the newly created “Palestinians,” people with no culture, language or religions, different from every other Muslim in the world. Nor in 65 years did any archeological digs in Israel ever produce any “Palestinian” artifacts that would have shown that Muslims had ever settled the land.

The rights of all “Palestinians” (queer and straight?) are assaulted by the brutality of the Jews occupation of their own land? If that is so, why haven’t Muslim members of the Knesset and their stanch socialist allies elected by Muslims to represent them complained? Are Muslims so weak they need Cagan and Sarah Shulman to do it for them?

And what rights exactly are granted to Jews in Israel that are denied to those who are Arab? Arabs live where they wish, worship as they please, attend Israeli universities and are free to travel. If Ms. Cagan wasn’t so derangedly obsessed with Israel she might find 100 other countries more in need of her tender love for humanity than Israel’s Muslim citizens who live better in Israel than Muslims do in Judenrein Gaza. Why else would Gazans need Jews to supply them with water, electricity, medical treatment and supplies? Don’t they know how to produce them? She would supply them with money to take care of their own. Why don’t they do it?

There was no need for Cagan to declare herself a lesbian or citizen of the world. All human beings are citizens of the world and I don’t know about all the other citizens of the world but I have no desire to know who she sleeps with. I can only hope that all citizens of the world, including lesbians, would acquaint themselves with the truth and tell it. What a refreshing change that would be from the propaganda Cagan is snowing everyone with now.

Janice Wijnen
Rego Park

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  • Tsipi posted at 3:27 pm on Sun, Jun 30, 2013.

    Tsipi Posts: 0

    Yikes. You don't think the Muslim MKs "complain"? OMG on a cracker. They are continually fighting a losing battle to maintain minimal rights, in an increasingly fascist state. A state that is continually passing laws that discriminate against Arab citizens (and I'm not even talking about the territories under brutal military rule), that limit the ability of any minorities to get government representation, that limit freedom of speech, that abrogate freedom of religion... Apartheid in Israel neither begins nor ends in conquered lands. And if you think the Bible is a legal document granting title to land, I sincerely hope that you are following ALL the edicts listed there, Like not cutting your hair, and stoning adulterers. And I sincerely hope that you do not mix fibers in your clothing, and that you are willing to put children to death for stubbornness. Or cursing. Whatever. Luckily, the rest of us are NOT BOUND by biblical law, so we have a right to insist on equal rights for all beings.