• December 28, 2014
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Queens Chronicle

They’re illegal aliens

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Posted: Thursday, August 15, 2013 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

I thought the story on the front page of your Aug. 1 Western Queens edition was deplorable, as it showed protesters trying to influence the government to pass the legislation creating a path to citizenship for about 11 million (or more) immigrants living in the United States illegally (“The elephant in the room / Inside and out: two views on immigration”).

Doesn’t anyone understand what the word “illegal” means? It’s “contrary to or forbidden by law, especially criminal law.” How can illegal aliens demand anything? What about foreigners who want to become American citizens and do everything required of them to become citizens legally? Why would anyone want to go through the process of applying for citizenship when they can come here illegally and get the same benefits?

Most of these 11 million illegal aliens (if not all) are receiving free benefits paid for by the tax dollars of American citizens. They receive free food, free prescriptions, free doctor and hospital visits, free eyeglasses, free hearing aids, etc. And all of it is paid for with my tax dollars and the tax dollars of all American citizens.

I am 84 years old and worked at the same job for over 40 years and always paid taxes and I continue to pay taxes. These illegal aliens are receiving free benefits paid for with my tax dollars and since they are undocumented, most do not pay income taxes. What are they giving to this country? Nothing! And yet they are taking everything they can — for free. And they have the audacity to make demands and expect to receive more benefits than American citizens.

I have to pay for my food, prescriptions and doctor/hospital visits. I was told recently that I needed a hearing aid and it would cost $4,000. And yet, an illegal alien can get a hearing aid and pay nothing for it. My taxes will be used to pay for that hearing aid. Where is the justice in that?

Something must be done about this travesty of justice, as this country is suffering from its financial position. What would happen if 10 million more aliens wanted to come here illegally? Should we also allow them to do so and automatically make them legal American citizens? When is it going to stop? Illegal aliens want to change this country to be like their own and yet they do not want to stay in their own countries.

The politicians know what is going on but are afraid to say or do anything about it. Such a shame.

Andrea Farmer
Jackson Heights

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