• January 30, 2015
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Queens Chronicle

The Syria shuffle

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Posted: Thursday, September 26, 2013 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

Obama had been calling for action, or as he put it, “a shot across the bow” in Syria because Assad apparently has used poison gas on civilians and this is a violation of international law.

Wasn’t burning down churches and murdering thousands of Christian Copts in Egypt by the same “rebels” we now support also a violation of international law? Why, as a Christian, did Obama have nothing to say about that? Nor did the media see fit to comment on what is the oldest Christian community in the world now being wiped out by the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria. And when Iranian citizens rose up, Obama made no effort to help them.

Assad, like all dictators, is a monster, but this monster at least protected religious freedom. If our government is now supporting al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood fighting Assad, who exactly are our national security agencies protecting us from?

Why also did Obama seek the OK of Congress to interfere in Syria? He didn’t ask them for it when he ousted Qaddafi or Mubarak, and they were allies of the United States. There has in fact been nothing Obama has done in five years in office where he has sought the input of Congress.

The MO of this administration has been to bypass the Congress or ram through bills on Friday nights and holidays before anyone gets a chance to read them. That’s how Obamacare passed.

What happened to immigration reform? Anybody know? The running of guns by the Justice Department to Mexico in Fast and Furious? Anybody care? The IRS harassing political opponents? The NSA’s invasion of every citizens privacy? Is everyone aware that big businesses are exempt from Obamacare, as are the unions? All the Congress members who rammed Obamacare down everybody’s throats are also exempt.

Syria is no threat to the U.S. Syria is a diversion. It’s the red flag to the bull. It keeps the public’s minds off all the above mentioned catastrophes that will affect them and their children all their lives, while they nonsensically fritter away their time and energy, discussing and thinking about — where was that again? Oh, yes, Syria.

Janice Wijnen
Rego Park

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