• December 22, 2014
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Queens Chronicle

The GOP’s hatred I

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Posted: Thursday, October 3, 2013 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

I am truly amazed! How low can Republicans go? Thank goodness the GOP is here to cut billions from food stamps and fight for the right of wealthy Americans to buy a new yacht every year.

How should we describe Congress? Incompetent? Perhaps spiteful is a better word. No wait, I’ve got it. The word I was looking for is treasonous, for causing a government shutdown that will prevent veterans from receiving benefits and seniors from filing for Social Security. All in an attempt to defund Obamacare, which would earn them the “privilege” of denying healthcare to millions of Americans. How patriotic.

One Republican, Rep. Bill O’Brien, even went so far as to compare Obamacare to the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. Wow! Providing coverage for 3.1 million young Americans through their parents’ plans, having 6.3 million seniors pay less for prescription drugs, ensuring coverage for people with pre-existing conditions (or as the GOP refers to them, “damaged goods”) and letting more than 100 million Americans get preventative care like mammograms and cancer screenings is like a law that let slave owners get their slaves back?

At what point are Congressional Republicans led away in cuffs and charged with extortion, treason and political terrorism? They risk the well-being of all Americans and blame everything on President Obama. The only thing that shines through their distorted view of facts is their hatred of a black president! Am I claiming that all Republicans are racist, homophobic, sexist, religious fanatics? No, but if the shoe fits, kick yourself in the head with it.

One last word on food-stamps: Under the bill the GOP voted for, states would have to require recipients to work at least 20 hours a week and be drug tested. I suggest the same for the Republicans in Congress.

Robert La Rosa

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