• January 30, 2015
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Queens Chronicle

The Democrats won

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Posted: Wednesday, November 21, 2012 10:30 am | Updated: 12:08 pm, Wed Nov 21, 2012.

Dear Editor:

I wish to take issue with Lenny Rodin on two points he made in his Nov. 15 letter, “A common-$ense answer.”

First, he thought the Chronicle stretched the point by saying President Obama had earned a new mandate in its Nov. 8 editorial “Can we talk?” Folks, when a candidate receives three million more popular votes than his opponent, and wins by 332 to 206 electoral votes, that’s a mandate! Obama beat out six presidents, starting with John F. Kennedy.

Mr. Rodin’s second point was that the Republicans have a large majority in the House. True. But “a more true mandate” I take issue with, for two reasons. In the 2010 election the GOP captured 12 state governorships and legislatures, as well as winning a stunning victory in the House. This power gave the GOP the right to gerrymander their congressional districts in their favor, based on the 2010 Census data. It’s true that the House has a large Republican majority. However, the Democratic minority received millions more votes than the larger GOP! In my view, the Republicans’ so-called “true mandate” is a moot issue.

One closing point concerning mandate power. It appears to me that voters tilted that power in favor of the Democrats. They will control the Senate 55-45 in 2013. Add to that the clear mandate Obama has and the larger issue is no longer moot.

Anthony G. Pilla
Forest Hills

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