• February 6, 2016
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Queens Chronicle

Pick up the garbage

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Posted: Thursday, February 27, 2014 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

(An open letter to Mayor de Blasio)

What do we have to do to get our garbage and recyclables picked up by the Sanitation Department? When we’re told to put them out, we do; take them in, we do. Dig them out from the snow, we do. And what happens? Nothing. They remain uncollected. Sanitation trucks pass through, but don’t pick up.

In any other city, the mayor knows what’s going on, and if employees don’t do their job, they get fired. Today, Friday, Feb. 21, is a recyclable day and garbage pickup day. Much of the snow has melted, so we were hopeful that we would have pickups. We’ve only had three in the past two months!

At 8 a.m., a Sanitation truck appeared. It sped down 97th Street, without picking up anything, so that nobody could read the number on the truck or the license number. At other times, they stop at only even-numbered houses! Or when somebody makes a complaint. And then only that house! If they come around, it is at night, or Saturday, or Sunday. All overtime shifts. Then they pick up only here and there.

A couple of Saturdays ago, a “sanding” truck came around and sanded the road. This was followed by three more trucks in the next three hours, which did nothing but drive through. What a waste of money. The Sanitation budget will soon be depleted, and a filthy city will remain.

What we have is stray cats pawing garbage bags, pigeons pecking at garbage bags and scavengers opening up all bags looking for 5-cent redeemable cans and bottles.

Mr. Mayor, get your priorities straight, and take care of essentials first before you launch new programs. Right now, it’s revolting. A health epidemic could be brewing: rats breeding and expanding their turf.

You’re supposed to know what’s going on in all boroughs ... not just Manhattan and Brooklyn. Sanitation workers are quick to see if there’s no leadership. In the 12 years that Mayor Bloomberg was in office, we only had to call about nonpickups three times.

And yes, we had snow then too.

Tommy and Elena Corso

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