• January 29, 2015
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Queens Chronicle

Obama’s damage

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Posted: Thursday, January 30, 2014 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

Re “Lousy Republicans,” Letters, Jan. 23:

Why would Anthony Pilla think historians would rank the 113th Congress the least productive in history? In five years America’s prestige in the world became extinct, unemployment is chronic, we’re $17 trillion in debt, the middle class is being wiped out and Obamacare will ensure that the United States will be transformed — as promised —from a constitutional democracy into a socialist dictatorship. House Republicans never stopped him from doing anything. No president ever accomplished more.

The House of Representatives was considered by the Founding Fathers to be the People’s House and has the power of the purse in order to control free-wheeling spenders like those in office now. Food stamps were cut $4 billion by Republicans because the Government Accounting Office said cutting waste and fraud would more than cover it. There was no need to raise the debt ceiling, but the House did anyway, by $1.1 trillion.

The loss of $25 billion in the last government shutdown included the salaries of employees who were laid off but got paid for doing nothing anyway.

It only seems like 45 times that Reps. John Boehner and Eric Cantor voted to repeal Obamacare but is their stupidity really worse, as Pilla believes, than Schumer’s saying Americans were going to get Obamacare whether they like it or not? Or Obama saying “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan,” knowing each time he said it, he lied?

Why would Republicans voting for amnesty for illegal aliens to keep wages low for big business be worse than Democrats who want open borders and amnesty because a huge population of poor, illiterate people dependent on government handouts will vote socialist forever?

Why would Mr. Pilla call the investigations of Benghazi, Fast and Furious and the IRS harassment of people they don’t like “witch hunts”? Real people died real deaths in Benghazi and Mexico.

Americans have traded the freedom and opportunities here for the same false promises that turned into the Gulag in Russia, gas chambers in Hitler’s National Socialism and one child per family in China. What Americans think they’re getting free will cost them more than they ever imagined. Obamacare is only the beginning. It’s the Tea Party’s fault.

Janice Wijnen
Rego Park

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