• December 21, 2014
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Queens Chronicle

Obama rules by diktat

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Posted: Thursday, November 15, 2012 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

In “Can we talk?” (Editorial, Nov. 8), the Chronicle editor expresses concern about the “lost art of compromise,” but the very meaning of the past election seems to have eluded him.

Our country is divided between those who would have constitutional democracy and those who would have socialism, or control over everything in a person’s life by the federal government. That was the choice, and if both sides are sincere in what they believe, there can be no compromise.

House Speaker John Boehner is not a right winger or a Tea Partier. Boehner is a middle-of-the-road panderer. President Obama never compromised on anything. To pass amnesty for one and a half million illegal aliens between the ages of 18 and 30, to put an end to NASA and to give trillions of American taxpayer dollars to “green energy” companies owned by friends and friends of friends, which went bankrupt, he simply bypassed the Congress and ruled by diktat.

The American people approved of most of what Obama did in his first four years in office so they re-elected him. It isn’t necessary for Republicans to “negotiate” with him because the president has already proven that whatever he wants done, he can do without them. Boehner, to whom you attach so much importance, never even asked where all the stimulus money went! He and the Republicans are ciphers, but even if they weren’t, Obama has shown that the opposition is no longer relevant. He will continue to do what he wants without them.

The author of “Can we talk?” need not concern himself with what we get from Boehner. What the United States and Americans need to be concerned with is what we’ll be getting from Obama. He’s the president, with a mandate now to complete his “transformation” of America.

Janice Wijnen
Rego Park

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