• January 29, 2015
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No-good Republicans II

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Posted: Thursday, November 7, 2013 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

Before I refute his “facts” I have a few questions to ask letter writer Ed Konecnik (“Save the Republic,” Letters, Oct. 24).

During the “so-called” (his words) government shutdown, in which the Teabaggers in Congress made us the laughingstock of the world (even Iraq’s government is paying its bills, never shutting down despite wars, revolutions and elections) did we not lose the “so-called” amount of $24 billion from our economy? Was that not an amount that could have paid for Obamacare for every previously uninsured American twice over? Were “so-called” children with “so-called” cancer not denied treatment during the “so called” shutdown?

Let’s turn our attention to Ted Cruz. Recently a court stenographer was hauled off the House floor and to the nuthouse after ranting about God, country and Freemasons. Where were the men in white coats when future GOP presidential candidate Cruz, who while addressing Congress during his historic 21-hour filibuster, uttered words that will go down in history with those of Jefferson, Washington, Adams and Franklin? Quote: “I do not like green eggs and ham ...”

And if Cruz and the rest of the GOP had so much confidence Obamacare was going to fail, why are they putting so much effort into stopping it? Because it’s really going to help people. That’s why. Americans have waited 70 years for affordable healthcare, but now if the website makes you wait an hour Republicans want to scrap the whole thing. The immorality of Republicans, trying to convince young people into not buying health insurance!

As for the debt: Where was all the Republican outrage when Duh-bya and the GOP were running up this debt? They left Obama this mess, and fought everything he did from day one! The reason people are out of work is because the top 2 percent ship jobs overseas! Food stamp enrollment is at a record high because billionaires need to buy a new yacht every year.

Typical Republicans, blaming Democrats for the problems Republicans caused. As for calling Konecnik a racist? Where did that come from? Perhaps he has a guilty conscience. Finally, I would’ve gladly accepted his challenge to refute his facts. Sadly, his letter didn’t contain any.

As for us living in a Constitutional republic? Since when are Republicans concerned with the Constitution? We live in a democracy!

And to Larry Penner, funny how you mention $147,000 going to Frank Lautenberg’s widow (“Let them vote cleanly,” Letters, Oct. 24) but neglect to mention the $3 billion (that’s billion) Mitch McConnell stuck in at the last second for his state.

Robert La Rosa

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