• May 28, 2016
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Queens Chronicle

Library chief overpaid

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Posted: Thursday, March 6, 2014 10:30 am

Dear Editor:

Re “Queens Library chief defends salary,” Feb. 27:

I find it hard to swallow that Galante can be worth that kind of salary, especially in the shrinking library business. Nothing there smacks of a six-figure paycheck, especially in this economic climate. More cronyism, if you really want to know.

The reasons they gave to try and justify a salary such as that weren’t very convincing in my opinion. This country, let along New York State, is barely surviving, and for someone to consider themselves worth that kind of money, for that kind of job, is robbing from the taxpayers of this state. I am a believer in free market capitalism, but this just flies in the face of logic.

We all know that due to technology today, libraries are a dying institution, like so many other things that have gone by the wayside during the course of history. Advancements, improvements and the like create obsolescence in certain career paths, but on the other hand they bring about new ones. This is just another example of mismanagement, padded salaries and cronyism, and the very reason why people are leaving New York State in record numbers.

I’m sure Mr. Galante feels he’s worth that kind of salary, as most people have an inflated opinion of themselves and their indispensability, but I can guarantee you could find someone willing to do that job for one-third of what he’s getting, and employ two more people, thereby improving the bitter job market by utilizing three people who can better serve the community in other ways.

Let’s try to put people back to work by ending duplicity in government, reducing taxes and increasing opportunity, and maybe we can get back on the road to fiscal responsibility. When I see articles like this, where someone is getting this kind of salary, it blows my mind.

Ronnie Gavarian
New Hyde Park

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