• December 28, 2014
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Queens Chronicle

Letters To The Editor

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Posted: Thursday, October 30, 2008 12:00 am

A sad day for N.Y.

Dear Editor:

I agree with the Queens Chronicle’s wisdom on the issue of term limits, and join you in my disappointment with last week’s vote by members of the New York City Council to give themselves the ability to seek a third term.

That vote was an affront to New Yorkers. It says that their votes and their voice do not matter, that bullying and heavy-handed threats are more powerful than democratic ideals.

I am saddened that our Mayor and majority of City Council members have put individuals before principles. On Thursday, our government chose to empower itself rather than the people it serves.

Despite the rising tide of opposition to a Council vote, and in the face of a public poll that showed nearly 90 percent of New Yorkers wanting the issue put to a voter referendum, our City Council decided to turn its back and close its mind.

This was a sad day for New York.

William Thompson, Jr.,

New York City Comptroller

More on Term Limits

Dear Editor:

If you ever wondered who the party hacks are on the New York City Council, this week they had no other choice but to show themselves for who they really are by voting against our wishes for term limits. They are nothing more than sheep following the lead of the herder. They are also not capable of getting employment in the private sector and use the “economy” as a reason for their vote. Sure it’s the economy! Where else can they get to steal thousands of our tax dollars and not get prosecuted? If half of them did get a job in the private sector … it wouldn’t be for very long. They are so used to being underhanded and told what to do no employer would keep them for very long.

It is now time for us, the taxpayers, to educate ourselves as to who voted against our wishes and give them payback next year at election time. Each and every one of them should be voted out — including Bloomberg. His ego has become so inflated he wants to rule and flip-flop attempting to confuse us. After all, he was our hero stating it would be “undemocratic to overturn term limits.” It sure didn’t take long for him to become a professional politician.

It is time for us to speak out at the voting booth and send a clear message to them that we are not as stupid as they think we are. I watched the voting take place and they used the “dire straits” we are in economically. One can only wonder how many more thousands Christine Quinn and her sheep will steal. Bravo to David Weprin, Eric Goia and Tony Avella for voting nay to overturn our wishes. However, Melinda Katz, Helen Sears, Peter Vallone Jr.and LeRoy Comrie spit in our faces. Let’s fight back. The three I cited have been known puppets for the Queens Democratic organization for their political gain. They have sold their souls and payback from a higher power is in their future.

Joyce Shepard,


Numbers add up

Dear Editor:

I agree with your observations concerning New York City Councilmember and 2009 candidate for New York City Comptroller David Weprin in “A tale of two Bloomberg’s on term limits” (the Queens Chronicle editorial, Oct. 23).We are all concerned how Councilmember Weprin will be able to support his family and have themlive the lifestyle they are accustomed to if he loses his $18,000 lulu for chairing the NYC Council Finance Committee.Just how will he be able to make ends meet with just his base salary of $112,500 supplemented by $200,000 more under his private law practice.

We all feel his pain on having to live on just $312,000 per year.It will be even more difficult when Barack Obama raises taxes on those earning above $250,000. Councilmember Weprin has always been a senior and loyal member of past NYC Council Speaker Gifford Miller and current NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s leadership team.Why should he be punished forwaiting seven years, until the twilight of his secondand last term, beforerecently introducing legislation calling for a third referendum to offer voters yet another opportunity to consider overturning term limits?After Speaker Quinn was rumored to threaten the loss of his $18,000 lulu, Weprin stepped back into the shadows during the debate.Weprin and everyone else knows it was too late for any referendum to be included in the 2008 General Election ballot.

Wasthis Weprin's eleventh hour attempt to ingratiate himself with good government groups such as the Citizens Union, New York Public Interest Research Groupand others who oppose overturning term limits to support his 2009 campaign for NYC Comptroller?Ask those who know him best what his true motivations are.

His fellow 50 NYC Councilmembersnever took his 2005 campaign for NYC Council Speaker seriously with Weprin comingtoward the bottomof the pack amonga field of seven candidates.No one in the New York State legislature considered him a serious candidate to replace former New York State Comptroller Alan Hevisi after he resigned from office at the end of 2006.

Bronx Councilmember Oliver Koppell alsointroduced a council resolution calling for extending term limits. His quoteabout Weprin’s bill … “a largely cosmetic attempt at publicity” and that he found it highly unlikely it would receive support from a majority of the Council (Source: New York Times “Bill Would Make Voters Arbiters of Term Limits” by Fernanda Santos — Sept. 15).It appearsCouncilmember Weprin continues tosay or do anything on the steps of City Hall if it garnershim free publicityin support of his 2009 campaign for NYC Comptroller.

Perhaps we should get together and host a potluck dinner to help support Councilmember Weprin andfamily during his personalfinancial crises.

Larry Penner,

Great Neck

The right choice

Dear Editor:

There are those who might disagree with me but I must applaud the City Council for doing the only thing they could and that was to extend term limits. We need Mayor Michael Bloomberg to continue as our mayor. In my view he is one of the better mayor’s that New Yorkers have had the privilege of having. Our mayor is needed in these most difficult economic times and we need his experience and expertise in finance. Now I may be bias because I’m a fan and also one of his campaign workers in 2004 and the reason is because I believe in our mayor.

Bloomberg has shown that he truly loves our city and has rolled up his sleeves to make our city safe and working. We may not agree the way this was done but we must agree that the mayor has what it takes to steer this city in these hard times. I do not know how many will vote for Mike but as for me, Mike has my vote. Remember when times get tough the tough get going. Mike will truly be doing that and for that I say, “Run Mike run.”

Frederick Bedell Jr.,

Glen Oaks Village

Rename the park!

Dear Editor:

On June 5, 2006, Brooklyn CommunityBoard3 held a public hearing and voted 40 - to - 1 to supportthe request forrenamingTaaffe Playground to U. S. Marine Corps Anthony Manago Park in honor of the WorldWarIIveteran, Anthony V. Manago (1921-1945),UnitedStates Marine Corps, who was killed in action in the Pacific Battle of Iwo Jima in the performance of his duty and service of his country.In a letter of May 9, 2007,NewYork City Parks and Recreation Commissioner Adrian Benepe, in response to our appeal of Brooklyn Borough Commissioner Spiegel's denial of the community board request, rubber-stamped the denial without any proper administrative appealhearing.

On April 10, 2007,City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, stated in her letter that “the Council does not name parks or playgrounds.”In a letter of June 14, 2007, in response to our appeal letter of May 16, 2007, Commissioner Benepe stated that “the authority to rename parks resides withCity Council.”

Commissioner Benepe, who stated that “park renaming is customarily done with the cooperation of the Parks Department” (Letter of June 14, 2007), usurped the powerof theCity Council to rename parks whichhas been unilaterally and arbitrarily suspended by Council Speaker Quinn from Council Parks Committee consideration. The City Charter does not delegate such aparks renamingpower to the Parks commissioner, who has no administrative appeal process in place fora dispute involving analmost unanimous vote by Brooklyn C.B. 3 in support of the park renaming.

The City Council has made no amendments to the City Charter devolving its legislative prerogative torename parks, some of which were originally named by legislative initiative.I call for the firing of Commissioner Benepe and Speaker Quinn for violating the constitutional law of the City of New York.Forty individuals on Brooklyn C.B. 3,representative of the local community of Bedford-Stuyvesant, versus an unelected Parks Commissioner and a Council Speaker, Quinn, who hails from another district, cannot bepermitted to suspend the democratic process of a vote for thepark renaming by the City Council.

IfSpeaker Quinn circumvented two public referenda for term limits by recourse to a Council vote, then why not allow the Council to vote on a park renaming proposal in honor and memory of a veteran, U.S. Marine Corps Anthony V. Manago, who bore the ultimate sacrificefor our freedoms? I had thought we defeated the totalitarian ideology ofImperial Japan and the Third Reich in 1945?There is a name for the usurping of political power by Bloomberg,Quinn and their Council bootlickers: Fascism.And if it was the neighborhood of Chelsea, I am sure Speaker Quinn would have concocted some legal maneuver with her legal aides to rename a park in honor of some icon!

Joseph N. Manago,


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