• January 31, 2015
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Queens Chronicle

Letters To The Editor

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Posted: Thursday, May 3, 2007 12:00 am

Gun Law Battles

Dear Editor:

Afterthe horrific mass murder of college students at Virginia Tech, there is sure to be an ensuing battle regarding gun laws.To find out that anyone can easily buy guns in Virginia, Florida and so on is shocking.

OurConstitution, of course, is immediately thrown into the mix by the National Rifle Association, and our gutless Congress and other officials will do little to keep us safe. Our constitutional amendments are always brought up no matter what, but it has been said that “the Constitution should be used less as a shield for the guilty than as a sword for the innocent.”Think about it.

Patricia Whalen,

Richmond Hill

Sports Teams Names

Dear Editor:

Regarding Assemblyman Ivan Lafayette’s initiative to ban teams that don’t play in New York from using the state’s name in their team name, to waste taxpayer money on such a petty matter of initials on a team franchise should be in and of itself a penalty on this official’s resume. You could change the initials for the Jets to XX and they will still be called the NY Jets. It sounds to me like Lafayette has too much time to waste and the only possible cause for this whole matter is to get name recognition. Hopefully this matter ceases immediately so the tax money used for this is spent on something important.

Gary Gould,

Livermore, Ca.

Dump United Nations

Dear Editor:

Involvement in the United Nations destroys our nation by undermining our Constitution — the only guarantee of civil rights and freedom under the law. The U.N. international bill of rights limits rights — doling them out only upon its discretion. Our Declaration of Independence states that our rights come from God.

The United Nations has gotten us into more losing and no-win wars than can be counted, including Korea and Vietnam. The World Trade Organization, International Monetary Fund and World Bank have always had new and ingenious ways of making U.S. taxpayer money the property of corrupt foreign bureaucrats (who hate the United States), while regular people have trouble making ends meet. The International Criminal Court promises that foreign judges can indict and arrest U.S. citizens while in the United States on unknown charges without a trial by jury.

The advent of the United Nations means death to the United States and all for which she stands. It means the enslavement of your children and loss of your property. The future is not happy and bright unless we get out of the United Nations.

V. Vileniskis,

Fresh Meadows

Mayor’s ‘Green’ Plan

Dear Editor:

It was so disappointing when I realized how two-faced our Mayor Michael Bloomberg is. He recently introduced his 25-year plan for a “greener” New York. He asked us to “turn out our lights” and we will pay less for electricity and “pollute less.” I think the mayor’s lights are on but nobody’s home.

How dare he ask us to contribute to lessen pollution while he allows thousands of cars to park on the grassland of Flushing Meadows Corona Park? How dare he ask us to preserve energy while the Daily News reported that it costs us $800 million a year to keep the lights of city buildings on during nighttime hours. How dare he profess to care about children getting asthma while he allows the emissions from cars parked alongside ball fields — affecting children who are innocently playing soccer and baseball while breathing in those emissions. There should be a study on how many of the children playing among those gas emissions has asthma or other lung problems.

Has our mayor learned from his political colleagues that he can say one thing to impress us and do another behind our backs? It appears that way. The more people stay quiet, the more politicians will con them. Ask yourself this: Where are the politicians who are responsible for the health and safety of New Yorkers? Where are the politicians who oversee that park? Are they busy pandering to Tom Cruise and other more important issues like the N-word than the health of the immigrant children who are at risk in Flushing Meadows? Looks that way. I have some “N” words for them: narcissistic and nauseating.

Joyce Shepard,


South Queens Transport

Dear Editor:

The City Council’s Transportation Committee held a rare public hearing in South Queens on April 25 at the Broad Channel American Legion Hall. Legislators heard the reoccurring theme of a borough in crisis, rapidly expanding but hampered by very poor mass transit service. Another sore point was the city administration’s inability to grasp the borough’s urgency. Mayor Bloomberg gave his “green” speech just days before the hearing, proposing an $8 surtax on cars entering Manhattan — clearly showing an inability to think outside the box: the Manhattan box.

We’re not referring to the mayor’s backbone but to the borough’s lack thereof — Queens has no backbone. Without north-south crosstown service joining east-west lines at strategic points, Queens lacks what Manhattan’s transportation designers brilliantly implemented in over a century of development — a mass transit grid. And to this day, Manhattan-centric thinking dominates the city’s longterm transit plan. The cries of pain, emanating from the Broad Channel Legion Hall, bemoan the city’s incredibly shortsighted decision of 40 years ago, to deactivate the Rockaway Beach line — the borough’s only north-south rail right-of-way — and thereby sever the spine of Queens. The shrieks are still heard today louder than ever.

The saddest proposal of all and a reflection of pure frustration at ever seeing a Queens mass transit system that actually takes people where they want to go is the “Let’s build a ferry dock and get around by boat” plan. This is the Algonquin plan, or the same way the Indians got around before Giovanni da Verrazano sailed into the bay. The pros and cons of this plan were discussed at the hearing. It was surprisingly popular: an “any port in a storm” approach to the intractable transportation problem. And how does the administration (the mayor) justify this quaint return to the 15th century, while the 21st century transit system for Queens, the borough’s north-south rail right-of-way, remains fallow? Well, it’s cheap and doesn’t warrant federal funds, the billions of dollars presently earmarked for Manhattan construction projects.

Joseph Tiraco,

Forest Hills

Courageous Leaders

Dear Editor:

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney are unfit to command. They want to be kings — not leaders. Iraq is a mess.

Approximately 3,000 American soldiers are dead as a result of the war and there is no end in sight. Cheney should go over there and risk his own skin if he is so gung-ho about our boys getting killed in the desert for no good reason.

Both Cheney and Bush should be impeached. And the brilliant and courageous Sean Hannity ought to be fired from WABC radio. He is just a “waterboy” for this corrupt administration.

Michael Mullaney,


Senior Attacks

Dear Editor:

The alleged granny basher, Jack Rhodes, has been captured — which I believe is a great relief for our elderly. It just amazes me,though, that this lowlife had 14 arrests and spent time in jail for crimes likeassault of a police officer, robbery,burglary ofchurchesand drug possession. My question is why was this creep walking around, who, in my view, was a menace to society? Then added to that the mugging and the brutal beatingof 101-year-old Rose Morat and 85-year-oldElizee Solange in Queens.

I hope, if convicted, he gets sentenced for the rest of his natural life for these cowardly acts. Then at least there will be one less animal preying on our elderly.

Frederick Bedell Jr.,


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