• December 27, 2014
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Queens Chronicle

Letters to the Editor

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Posted: Thursday, September 29, 2011 12:00 pm

GOP barbarians

Dear Editor:

For many decades the Republican party, under its Grand Old Party banner, was a very positive and creative political force with moderate conservative views. However, in recent years the GOP has been taken over by an extreme far right wing called the Tea Party Express!

This movement has resulted in the GOP becoming... way out of the mainstream of its own history. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch stated in a recent editorial, “the days of moderate GOP leaders are long gone.”

Like ancient Rome, the GOP has “lost it’s soul.” Events at several GOP debates have been more like Roman coliseum tragedies in which crowds call for deaths and executions. Let me illustrate for your readers.

1. When Texas Gov. Rick Perry was reminded by a debate moderator, that his 236 executions were the most of any governor, the GOP Romans roared a loud cheer. Perry’s reply was, “If you come to Texas and kill, Texas will give you ultimate justice.” Again the Romans roared their approval! Please note, this happened at the Reagan presidential library and Ronald Reagan was opposed to capital punishment.

2. When Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex), a doctor, was asked if he would let a terminal patient die for lack of medical insurance, shouts of “let him die” could be heard around the GOP coliseum.

3. When Rick Perry supported education for children of illegal parents, booing sounds ranged out from the crowd. Gov. Perry said, “some of you don’t have a heart.” Mitt Romney replied, “we have a heart and a brain.” The Romans cheered.

4. As one who served in our army, I consider the incident that took place at the Orlando GOP coliseum to be a gross insult to all who serve in our military. When a marine stationed in Iraq asked candidate Rick Santorum about his views on gays in the military, he was booed by several GOP Romans. Even worse then that was the “silence” of all the candidates. Not one thanked the marine for his service!

I am sad to have to say that politics in America – once an enjoyable exercise of our democracy – has fallen into an abyss of class warfare, bitter hatred and fading patriotism! These negative forces are causing the USA to become... A house divided.

Anthony G. Pilla

Forest Hills

Police acted properly

Dear Editor:

I would like to praise the NYPD for doing what was necessaryto put down theunruly demonstrators who were marching near Wall Street without a permit. The 500 were part of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. In my view they could have endangered many lives.

They are angry over our financial systems and say they unjustly benefit the rich over the poor. This is true but a march without a permit is not the way to go, forwhen large groups forget to act in a peaceful way and obey the laws of the land, then you have anarchy. They could have cause a riot and that could have meant injuries, loss of lives and destruction of private property. What the NYPD did was the only thing they could, andthat was to enforce the law and protect all those concerned, including the demonstrators.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

Glen Oaks Village

Traffic light needed

Dear Editor:

I live on 107th Avenue between Crossbay Boulevard and 93rd Street. Since the traffic pattern change on Liberty Avenue and Crossbay, the traffic coming off Crossbay heading west onto 107th has more than doubled. In a 10-minute period I count 40 cars coming off the boulevard.

We can no longer get across the street, and forget about backing out of the driveway. They are flying around the corner, especially the school buses. Those hit the gas and I wait for them to tip over.

I asked twice for a light on the corner of 107th Avenue and 93rd Street, or a change in the direction of traffic, but I was told it would be too expensive. So we will wait till one of us gets killed and the city gets sued for not doing anything.

Maybe I should organize a protest and stop the traffic. I was told I would be arrested but that’s OK — I will have the papers and TV there to tell people why.

Bill Folz Sr.

Ozone Park

Meeks must go

Dear Editor:

Here we go again. Congressman Greg Meeks makes yet another list (“Meeks calls ‘most corrupt’ list a ‘stunt,’” Sept. 22, multiple editions).

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a nonpartisan political watchdog group, has put perennial politico Meeks on its list of the most corrupt members of Congress. Between the junkets to the Caribbean, shady business deals and sweetheart loans, it is miraculous that anyone with half a brain would support him — yet he always manages to get reelected. In last year’s Congressional election, he got 88 percent of the vote!

As a voter with the misfortune to live in his district, I am calling out for someone to seriously challenge this clown. Meeks is vulnerable on plenty of fronts; he is being investigated by the Department of Justice and the House Ethics Committee, just to name two. Remember, it was “a given” that in a Democratically dominated congressional district like the neighboring 9th CD, no Republican could ever win — yet Bob Turner did that handily. It is time to mount a challenge to Meeks — whether by a Republican, an Independent or a Democrat who isn’t part of Joe Crowley’s group of yes-men (does one exist?).

The fact that a bum like Meeks sits in Congress is one of the reasons that the public gives Congress a confidence rating of 12 percent. These guys get their snoots into the public trough and the longer they are there, the more favors they owe, and at this point, Meeks owes more to special interests than a compulsive gambler to the local bookie. Our country is in dire straits — we need to get the do-nothing, crooked bums who sit in Congress out, with Meeks leading the parade.

It is often said that people get the government they deserve. The people of the 6th CD can prove that false by making this Greg Meeks’ last term. All it takes is a vote for “the other guy” ... and a little guts.

Ann Rychlenski

Ozone Park

Fight Alzheimer’s

Dear Editor:

Did you know that Alzheimer’s disease is the nation’s sixth leading cause of death? I didn’t know this fact until I started researching more about Alzheimer’s disease. This year I lost my grandmother Esther Goldberg to Alzheimer’s disease, after a five-year battle.

After my grandmother’s passing I started researching more about the disease and how I can help out in the fight to end Alzheimer’s disease. I came across the Alzheimer’s Association. This is a national organization that works to bring awareness to this disease and hopefully one day find a cure. This coming Sunday Oct. 2, 2011 is their annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s is the nation’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support and research. The walk in Queens starts at 9 a.m. and is being held at Flushing Meadows Corona Park. My mother and I decided that the best way to honor my grandmother’s passing was to take out a team in her memory. Our team name is Esther’s Dreamers … Dreaming For A Cause. If you know of anyone who has been affected by this disease, I urge you to join me this Sunday as we walk for a cure.

Mathew Silverstein


The writer is Democratic State

Commmitteeman for the 26th AD

Perkins, not Hopkins

Dear Editor:

I read the article in the Sept. 22 issue about Gus Van Sant’s movies (“Screen grabs/In Astoria, the films of Gus Van Sant”). When the writer compared Van Sant’s film “Psycho” with the Hitchcock original, it became obvious she never saw the original. In addition your proofreaders and editors were either asleep or just plain ignorant.

Why would I say such a thing? Because she wrote that Vince Vaughn “can’t really compete with Anthony Hopkins’ iconic performance in the original.” Anthony Hopkins wasn’t in the original “Psycho”; it was the late great Anthony Perkins who ran the Bates Motel! The 1960 movie was made seven years prior to Mr. Hopkins’ first film appearance.

I wonder how many more mistakes your writers and editors made this week.

Paul Maringelli


Editor’s note: Yes, we did say Hopkins when we meant Perkins. Regardless, we advise choosing a different motel.

Gov’t must run economy

Dear Editor:

We need the government to micromanage the economy because corporate executives are incompetent, uncertain of what to do, and are laying off thousands of people.Why do Republicans pushsmall business? Small businessespay minimum wage with no benefits. Even a Republican wouldn’t want to work for a small business.

Entitlements are needed for many people to survive. The rich don’t need that much money so they can pay 3 percent more tax. All wages should be taxed for Social Security. You don’t see politicians running to end tax deductions, subsidies and other benefits for the rich. The main goal of the free market system is to get rid of workers, not hire them.

If Obama loses, the Republicans will push us into war with Iran and get the unemployment rate up to 20 percent.

Rick Perry said it best. Republicans are heartless.

Peter Terrebetzky


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