• December 22, 2014
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Letters To The Editor

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Posted: Thursday, May 22, 2008 12:00 am

Lane High Stats

Dear Editor:

It just so happens last year Franklin K. Lane High School graduated over 300 students and the year before approximately 180 students graduated. I don't know where they get their statistics from but looking at these numbers it's apparent that Lane graduated more students last year than the previous year. Perhaps that's why Lane is closing!! It's apparent that they can't get their facts straight.

A Dedicated Employee,

Franklin K. Lane High School,


Go Ride A Bike

Dear Editor:

Last week’s “Bikers on Parade in LIC” (the Queens Chronicle, May 8) was some refreshing news. It was good to read about people celebrating exercise and fitness. We all know obesity has become a national epidemic. We see it in Queens every day, and even our children are becoming obese.

What is the most popular thing for kids to do these days? Play video-games, or watch the latest online video sharing website. "Meeting friends," according to kids, means finding someone online and chatting by typing words to them. What happened to actually going outside to meet friends?

As adults, we are no better. What do we do? We “must see TV” and can’t wait to sit down and watch that hot reality show everyone is talking about. The real “reality” is we just don’t move anymore. If someone videotaped us as a reality show, that would be really boring. Our bodies are meant to move and if we don’t, we eventually develop problems. We look to drugs to fix everything, but “exercise” is that medicine. Just look at those bikers on parade as an example.

The latest recommendation is 30 minutes of exercise and 10 minutes of stretching and light muscle training 5 days a week. That's not the “all you need is 5 minutes a day” with the latest crazy exercise gadget on TV. Talk about “reality”: are we really doing physical activity for a full 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week? Most of us would say no. Thirty minutes a day: we would only miss one episode on the long list of TV shows we “must” see. We shouldn’t deprive our bodies of a little attention. If you must go online for happiness, at least read about exercise while you’re on the internet. This month is the “Exercise is Medicine” Month from the American College of Sports Medicine, and it gives exercise recommendations and how to talk to your doctor. Parents, give your children the gift of lifelong wellness by being a role model and supporting them in establishing a habit of physical activity. Have fun being active together. Let’s have more bikers on parade. Warm weather is here; let’s enjoy a regular, healthy dose of exercise.

Dr. Ken Vitale,


Primary Winds Down

Dear Editor:

So it seems like Barack Obama’s the guy. Although I personally agreed with Jack Nicholson’s assessment referring to his choice of Hillary Clinton as President “because she’s the best guy for the job”; nonetheless, Obama is more than up for it. He would be up for it even if the performance bar had not been set at such an historical low level by the outgoing occupant of the White House. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama camps each representing a candidate, virtually a clone of one another; that these two camps could manufacture such animosity toward each other gives new meaning to the phrase “loss of focus.” But primaries are primaries and winning is winning and common sense often becomes the victim.

On the positive side, Barack’s battle with Hillary has improved his skills for the Republican demolition derby yet to come. He is going to need those skills.The nefarious and ironically titled Swift Boat Veterans for Truth has already vowed, “we will attack Obama viciously”; so much for McCain’s vow to run a respectful campaign.Let us hope that when those garbage boaters give him the Kerry treatment, he does not ignore it as being nothing more than an underhanded lie, as did Kerry, only to find that the public is all too willing to be deceived if the slanderee does not refute the slanderer immediately vehemently. That’s where Hillary would immediately come in and sink their dingy dinghy.These two would make a formidable force.

Dissipating the disdain developed during the primary race is imperative and will be a delicate task; but not only possible but probable when the big picture finally becomes evident to both sides.Their dislike of each other is merely petty pique and pales when compared to the danger to our country if Democrats fail to take it back and allow another term of continued failed policies, which have ravaged our nation.

I’m curious to see if President Bush will offer McCain the secret weapon he used in his own primary: start the rumor that Obama has fathered a black child.It worked once; it should work again, right?

Nicholas Zizelis,


The Noise!

Dear Editor:

On May 14, I asked LIRR president Helena Williams at the Long Island Railroad Commuter’s Council 2008 Presidential Forum when she was going to implement the LIRR’s “new” policy of not requiring engineers to sound their horns as their trains pass through the LIRR Forest Hills station. (Previous to August 2007, LIRR trains passing through the Forest Hills station did not sound their horns unless there was an emergency condition or people working on the tracks. It was only when Helena Williams came on board as the president of the LIRR that that sensible policy was changed making a once quiet neighborhood sound like a train yard.)

She said to me that the railroad was busy collecting data to address the problem and that there was good news. The horns on the trains, which now blast in all directions, were being recalibrated and in two years would only blast in one direction. When I told her that it wasn’t the direction of the horn blasts that were bothering us, but rather that the engineers were sounding their horns against the stated “new” policy of the railroad, I was told to document the trains that were doing this and report it to the railroad so they could remind their engineers of the “new” no-horn blasting policy.

It seems to me that the citizens shouldn’t have to do the work of the railroad. Ray Kenny, the director of LIRR operations, should have his people do the monitoring and reminding, and if the engineers keep sounding their horns unnecessarily as they pass through the Forest Hills station they should be disciplined. Apartment residents who live near the Forest Hills station have suffered for eight months from pointless and abusive horn blasting. Enough is enough.

Martin Levinson,

Forest Hills

Our Congress

Dear Editor:

Our government and representatives no longer serve our aspirations and will but rather impose and demand subservience to their desires and pleasures.

On the state level, the will of 61 percent of California voters was thwarted by four California judges who ruled a ballot initiative banning gay marriage unconstitutional even though twenty states have similar laws. Another ruling limits the freedom of parents to choose an alternative to public education by declaring parents do not have a constitutional right to home school their children. On the national level, over 75 percent of the population wants the borders secured, immigration monitored and English legislated as our official language yet Congress refuses to act.

The re-election of 92 percent of incumbent representatives suggests a perilous apathy to their dereliction of duty, moral and financial indiscretions as well as the influence of foreign lobbyists, who send us contaminated toys, food and medicine. We have relinquished our power and have lost control of our borders, culture and are in the process of losing our language as well. Press “1” if you have any doubts.

We lost control of our monetary system when congress gave the Federal Reserve Bank the monopoly to print US dollars. Thomas Jefferson argued that a national bank was “unconstitutional” and warned of devaluing and debasing the currency with paper money. Thanks to the Federal Reserve, our dollar is backed by the full faith and credit of the guy who couldn’t handle his mortgage or car payments.

The performance and conduct of our representatives is a matter of record and proof positive we no longer have a “government of the people, by the people and for the people”.

Ed Konecnik,


I Beg To Differ

Dear Editor:

To Frederick Bedell Jr.: Wake up Mr. Bedell, it’s not the Arabs bringing the price of oil to ridiculous levels. It’s the stock brokers. I do not see any Arabs on the exchange floor. The brokers are bidding on future oil deliveries. They want profits and don’t care about the USA. They are making the oil producing nations richer. President George Bush is asleep on the oil program.

Arnie Migliaccio,

Howard Beach

Save The Power

Dear Editor:

All over the city, in every community, ambulances are stationed to be able to quickly respond to an emergency. My understanding is that ambulances must keep their engines running to operate all the equipment and to maintain a certain temperature in the ambulance.

Now here’s the problem, each ambulance can sit in one spot for hours and they usually sit in busy commercial areas where there are lots of people walking about and people living above the stores. The other place they wait is by a park and there were people running and playing and breathing heavily from exercise.

I know there is a three minute idle law and I suspect ambulances are exempt from it because they are emergency vehicles. I propose that ambulances should be able to plug into a special power source that could be installed where they are usually stationed. This would reduce the air pollution and also the noise of the engines.

Write or call the mayor if you like this idea and also tell him we need more signs to remind all drivers there is a three-mintue idle law.

Richard Polgar,


So Clever

Dear Editor:

Don’t dismiss the Democrats — they’re craftier than you think. The longer they drag out this primary process, the longer they avoid a head-to-head with John McCain, who couldn’t catch a headline these days if he were arrested. It’s unfortunate that we’ve had to endure a two-year primary process, yet we will have to decide the next President in a general election campaign that will last a mere two months. The Democrats know that if they had to defend their candidate longer than that, they wouldn't have prayer.

Michael Chimenti,


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