• January 28, 2015
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Letters To The Editor

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Posted: Thursday, May 13, 2004 12:00 am

True Hero

Dear Editor:

“There they go again,” trying to destroy a true hero. The most recent Republican ploy it appears, is that Senator Kerry did not get injured seriously enough or often enough or in enough places or something/anything enough, in order to have been awarded three Purple Hearts, the Bronze Star and the Silver Star. It seems, according to the Bush camp, all you have to do is apply for them like a credit card with points toward the Congressional Medal of Honor. They cheapen and dishonor both our military and our country.

Anyway, that’s their latest game in order to show that Bush is just as much of a hero having been awarded his DWI while carousing the various drinking and etc. hot spots during the entire Vietnam war. All this while Senator Kerry was merely ducking and catching fire while patrolling the Mekong Delta, some of the fire being caught by his own body. Some may say, how can you compare a cruise down a lovely winding river to a ferocious brawl in some Tijuana Taberna. Admittedly, they’re both dangerous.

Guys, give it up. That Senator Kerry after volunteering repeatedly to fight in Vietnam came to realize together with the majority of the American public that it was an unjust war is a credit to his intellect (excuse the term). Robert MacNamara, the major architect of that war, has painfully stated and put in writing that he also realized it was an unjust war that should not have taken place. He had come to the same conclusion as Senator Kerry, as did millions upon millions of our citizens.

Nevertheless the Bush gang is once again distorting history and stating that if any thinking person such as Senator Kerry or Robert MacNamara should state that truism, that person is some sort of traitor. Would that Bush had such insight before he dragged our country into yet another unjust war, IRAQ, not Afghanistan. Afghanistan is America’s war and the one that we should all be fighting; Iraq is Bush’s and his Daddy’s war for which he has our boys and girls dying. The troops and money being diverted to that invented war deprives us from going full force after the enemy that attacked our country.

Nicholas Zizelis,



Dear Editor:

The residents of Briarwood applaud James Gennaro’s attention to our neighborhood’s concerns. As like every other neighborhood, we care about our appearance, cleanliness, crime and safety issues, etc.

Gennaro has demonstrated that he listens to our concerns and does care over what matters most to our community. All that he has done for us is deeply appreciated and deserves to be publicly thanked.

Aside from the appearance of the Queens Boulevard section of Briarwood, many of our residents do have a more serious pressing issue that troubles us. Many of our neighborhood’s one/two family homes have been sold to developers who have torn them down and transformed them into multiple family dwellings.

In virtually every instance, building variances have been granted to these developers that exceed our community’s zoning guidelines and ultimately diminish the quality of life in our community because of overcrowding. This is an ongoing development within our community that has been going on for decades and continues to make serious impact on our quality of life because of the overcrowding.

Aside from the issues like increased vehicular traffic and safety matters, there have been increases in nuisances like trash, graffiti, noise/sound pollution.

Our local elementary and junior high school is already bursting at the seams with more children than they can accommodate and something like 3-4 more apartment buildings are currently under construction and it looks as if more are coming. Gennaro has listened to our concerns. But this is a huge issue that may require more support than only a single councilman can accomplish.

What is occurring in Briarwood would never occur as rampantly within more “affluent” neighborhoods such as Jamaica Estates, Forest Hills or Bayside. Would such a scenario be necessary before anyone becomes concerned about overdevelopment in their communities? Or does Briarwood have to “go” first before anyone else notices a problem brewing?

Jeff L.,


Haunts Us

Dear Editor:

It is said that an ostrich, when faced with a frightening reality, will stick its head into the sand, an action which only puts it in greater danger. With regard to George Bush’s disastrous war in Iraq, it appears Bush thinks that if we don’t see pictures of the coffins of over 700 Americans, bringing the dead home, that the American people won’t understand the terrible consequences of his debacle in Iraq, which has now killed more of our military personnel in the first year after Bush declared the Iraq war to be completed, than died in Vietnam in the first three years.

It should be noted, too, that Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon did not start the Vietnam War, but were gradually sucked into it, while the current war was deliberately initiated by Bush himself, who gets all the blame.

A year ago, I wasn’t sure if the “reasons” Bush started the Iraq war were just due to his clear lack of intelligence—”weapons of mass destruction” that didn’t exist, “connections to Osama bin Laden” that weren’t true and “liberating Iraq” when, predictably, the Iraqis now universally hate the United States, etc., but recently it has been shown that Bush’s “reasons” were not delusions, but lies.

Specifically, we now know that Bush had plotted the invasion of Iraq before 9-11, that Bush arranged for 140 Saudis to sneak out of the United States the day after 9-11 (when the majority of those who hijacked the planes in the attack on America were Saudis and not one Iraqi) and that we now have over 20,000 mercenaries “helping” us in Iraq, some of whom have—incredibly—been used to “interrogate” prisoners.

As disturbing as the now-released pictures of the flag-draped American coffins have been, far worse for us to accept are the pictures of the torture of Iraqis by Americans in Saddam’s own jails, images that are destroying what little support the U.S. had in the world for Bush’s Iraq fiasco and breeding a whole new generation of future Moslem terrorists, who will certainly capitalize on this disgrace.

What Bush has accomplished is to make the world more dangerous for us. Remember, too, how Bush played “cowboy-pilot” last year and stupidly bragged to “bring ’em on,” words that have come back to haunt us with the flag-draped boxes.

As more and more Americans now understand, Bush is no war hero, but a war criminal, who should be impeached for treason, then indicted for the deaths of over 700 Americans and some 5,000 Iraqis and injury to countless numbers of other victims of his Iraq invasion. Should he somehow escape justice here, he should be turned over to the International Court in the Hague for crimes against humanity. It seems inevitable now that Bush will be defeated in November because of his Iraq war. It is tragic, however, that so many more will be killed before this occurs.

Frank Skala,


Iran Danger

Dear Editor:

There is a great danger facing America that if left unchallenged will devastate this country and kill untold amounts of Americans. It is not Osama bin Laden’s violent terrorist murderers. It is not the quagmire in Iraq. It is not the lunatic regime of North Korea. Although all these threats are serious threats to our national security and must be dealt with smartly and firmly, they are not the greatest danger to America.

Any threat that is greater than Osama bin Laden and his terrorist criminals should have the attention of our government and the people of America. This threat, Iran and its secret nuclear ambitions, do have the attention of the government and America, but they do not have the full attention. If this threat reaches its maximum potential it could leave millions of Americans dead.

Iran is labeled a terrorist state by the politically correct State Department. When the same State Department that refuses to label Saudi Arabia, a country that exports billions of dollars to fund terrorist Wahhabism, labels a country a terrorist state, the country must be pure evil and an imminent threat to America. When the government labels a country a state sponsor of terrorism, it is labeling this state a terrorist state. It is saying that Iran is a government or in this case, tyrannical Muslim clerics who praise the killing of Christians, Hindus and Jews.

Traces of bomb-making material have been found by Iran’s bomb-making power plant, which it falsely claims is being used for peaceful purposes. Iran never does things for peaceful reasons. Iran saying it is using nuclear power plants for peaceful purposes is like the Pope saying he worships the devil. It isn’t true and never will be.

Iran is an evil state, run by the devil and his evil followers who are committed to destroying America. To rid America and the world of this threat, the American or Israeli Air Force can take out Iran’s bomb-making power plants within minutes, with no loss of life to the good guys.

Tim Caravello,

Howard Beach

Third Candidate

Dear Editor:

I’m responding to your April 29th news story on “Monserrate’s Possible Ambitions.”

As a concerned resident of the Queens, Elmhurst community, I don’t care for either one of these candidates. In Crowley’s case, I have been living in Queens for many years and I have never received a single piece of mail from my congressional representative. It’s discouraging to know how long he has been in office without knowing who lives in his community.

Now, that an election is on the way, Crowley wants to pretend that he is well- known and liked in his district. It’s too bad that he will reap what he has sowed. The Queens communities will decide whether he has been there for them.

I boldly said that Congressman Crowley has not supported many of the key legislations of our community. His lack of sponsorship or co-sponsorship for H.R. 235, H.R. 3190, H.R. 1755 and H.J. Res. 56 will cost him my vote and many others. He has neglected the faith community in his district. On the other hand, Monserrate is somewhat in touch with his community but deceives them with his promises by delivering nothing in return. He is really down to earth when it comes time for an election. However, afterwards, he hides and follows his own agendas instead of his constituents.

In his few years in public office, Monserrate has done an acceptable job at the expense of some special group he represents. His contradictory positions regarding some issues, makes him a dubious candidate. I have been extremely concerned about his support for the homosexual community. He has both supported and promoted the gay agenda since he has been elected to public office.

Meanwhile, he has publicly supported the state definition of a traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

In reality, he is playing politics with these two communities. I’m sure that his little games will not work this time around. Proponents, like myself, of the federal Marriage Amendment, will hold him responsible for every issue he takes against the welfare of the community.

Even though he understands the needs of his community, he is not ready to deliver any significant changes to his district. His description of Crowley’s lip service perfectly applies to him. I pray that a third candidate will surface for this congressional seat.

D. Joaquin,


For Shame

Dear Editor:

As if to prove to those few who hadn’t yet accepted just how backward he truly is, Bush has taken on the role of Robin Hood in reverse. He continues steadfastly to steal from the poor and needy and give to the rich and bloated. It seems someone has to pay for his outrageous deficit, so it may as well be the middle class. Be sure it will not be his corporate-CEO backers who fill his coffers. They get the tax breaks.

It doesn’t take a mathematician to sum up the fact that their profits increase as their working people’s wages decrease. Their wages are inversely proportionate. Never has the gap between the CEO and their workers been so obscenely divergent as it has become during this administration. No surprise and it will continue thus as long as this administration remains in power.

His latest gift to his corporate constituents was to relieve them of the burden of paying overtime to as many of their workers as possible. His initial scheme was so blatantly skewed toward them that even the Republican majority of both houses of Congress found it outrageous and voted against his rolling back overtime. Bush, considering the upcoming election and the fact that the majority of voters, when all is said and done, are not his wealthy clique, decided to throw them a bone. His latest spin is that he has had a change of heart and will now extend overtime protection to more people rather than gutting them. His well-financed spins have worked well before with many duped voters and it may again.

At least now with this diluted damage he can claim to have resurrected that, “Kinder and Gentler” Conservative Republican concession to the middle class. Police officers and firefighters along with emergency medical technicians and licensed practical nurses will now be allowed overtime pay as they had in the past. That will indeed be a welcome bone returned to them and appreciated when they next have to risk their lives and rush into another terrorist cataclysm. Will those voters realize that they will merely be getting back what Bush was trying to take away from them in the first place? Talk about successful spin.

At least this American flag-draped Bush can count on adding some bailout dollars to the disastrous deficit depths down to which he has dragged our country. He cut veterans benefits. He shames the American flag with which he wraps himself. That proud flag is much more appropriate draped over the coffins of the brave boys and girls to which he has sent them to fight his personal war. Those are the draped bodies who Bush has so desperately tried to hide.

Christopher Nicholas,


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