• December 26, 2014
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Queens Chronicle

Letters To The Editor

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Posted: Thursday, July 15, 2004 12:00 am


Dear Editor:

I think your article of June 24th regarding “Altered Queens West Plans…” missed the boat. The real story is one of secrecy and unchecked real estate deals by a public authority. In fact, Queens West Development Corporation is changing the master plan of the waterfront development project (the plan that Hunters Point community worked so hard to achieve) under the guise that these changes don’t need approval since “they are only ‘design’ changes.” The Citylights residents can help create a strong voice for the neighborhood and increase political clout.

Many of us are upset about the tactics used by QWDC (an Empire State Development Corporation operation) and contend that the sheer number of changes necessitates that the entire revised plan be subject to public review. Public hearings, barely announced, were held merely to get public notice on record with no approval or exchange with the borough president, state senators or Assembly persons, our local City Council member or our community board, not to mention the general public. This, despite the fact that Queens West is a city, state and MTA partnership.

On the Pepsi site being developed by Rockrose Development Corporation, a portion of what was to be the public waterfront park is now a “private” park. Building heights and bulk have changed. Streets have been changed, buildings will be within the borders of the park and promised amenities have disappeared. On the Avalon Parcel 11, the proposed senior citizen facility remains an overgrown foundation and HUD funding is in danger of expiring.

As Avalon increases building height on Parcels 8 and 9, I can’t see where the local community will reap financial or other benefits. This is where we have to draw the line. I hope you delve further into this matter, shedding some light on what could be perceived as “underhandedness” and political payback.

Rita Bradley,

Hunters Point

Good News

Dear Editor:

I would like to applaud the Queens Chronicle (July 8th), for its feature on New York City’s first ever “Green Buildings” Design competition. It is not too often that sustainable practices are considered newsworthy.

As one of the 300,000 visitors to the Queens Botanical Garden, I look forward to seeing a Queens building that uses the natural landscape to function. Let’s use natural sunlight and ventilation as much as possible so we may cut back on our electric usage and save some money.

Let’s use rainwater so we may lessen our dependence on the reservoirs. My hope is that this model, which makes sense for our wallets, our health and our local ecosystem, catches the eyes of local residential and commercial developers along with Queens residents and consumers.

Jennifer Lopez,

SustainUS-New York City,

Richmond Hill

A Disgrace

Dear Editor:

Although all U.S. presidents are commanders-in-chief of American military forces, less than a quarter of them—from George Washington to Dwight Eisenhower—had prior experience as an American general. As none of those 10 presidents, except Washington, is rated among the “great” or “near great” by most U.S. historians, it would appear that service as a general may certainly help someone get elected president, but shows little correlation to later success.

Many politicians, of course, still use a “war hero” image, when appealing for votes, but now we see someone—the current occupant of the White House—who is pretending to be a “war hero,” despite all the evidence to the contrary.

It has been reported in the press that when George W. Bush was supposedly on “active military duty,” during the Vietnam War era, he was “cutting” and nowhere to be found and the relevant documentation that could prove if he was present where assigned is “missing,” as are possible witnesses. Then in 2003, in an image that resembles George Armstrong Custer (who ordered his 200 men to charge the 8,000 Indians), Bush initiated the debacle in Iraq, attacking a country of some 23 million people with an American force outnumbered 100 to 1.

Bush lied and/or was delusional when he said we would be “welcomed” in Iraq, most of whose residents were no more hospitable to us than the Sioux were to Custer in 1876. Who can forget that comic-opera episode on May 1, 2003, when Junior Bush played “cowboy pilot,” changing the course of the aircraft carrier at a cost of $180,000 so he could play to the cameras and stated “mission accomplished” (when the war had just begun, with 90 percent of the casualties coming since then) and “bring ‘em on,” daring those who despise us to continue fighting, which led to an increase in Iraqi opposition and the suicide bombers.

Bush’s disastrous invasion of Iraq, based on the lies of “weapons of mass destruction” and an “Osama-Saddam connection,” etc. has already resulted in almost 1,000 dead Americans and uncountable Iraqi civilians—changing the image of “America the good,” with “Americans as sadists,” (a-la Abu Ghraib prison), in much of the world. What must have been particularly shocking to the families of the dead American military personnel was to see Bush on television joking about the imaginary “weapons of mass destruction” behind his desk in the White House. More recently, he has betrayed the trust of living soldiers in Iraq, by not allowing them to return home when their tours of duty are done.

“General George Armstrong Bush” is a disgrace as commander-in-chief, and should be impeached, then put on trial for treason and crimes against humanity.

Frank Skala,


Correct Problems

Dear Editor:

Instead of giving high school valedictorian Tiffany Schley a hard time, Joel Klein, Mayor Bloomberg and the school system should thank her for bringing these issues to light. All Schley did was speak the truth. She didn’t make the stuff up.

If the problems didn’t exist to begin with, then she wouldn’t be speaking on them. It’s not her fault. Now, what are they going to do to correct the problem?

Maxine SoSo,


Decision Made

Dear Editor:

There were probably many Americans like me who were not sure just whom to vote for, considering the credentials and pasts of the two major party candidates.

But I must thank Whoopi Goldberg for helping me overcome a major decision. Her foul language and coarse behavior at a fundraiser for Kerry settled that problem for me. If this is an indication of Kerry’s supporters—vulgar behavior and cheering supporters—then they have done a lot to have me make up my mind. I'll vote for Bush.

Thanks Whoopi.

K. Andorakis,

Ozone Park

Oil Terror

Dear Editor:

This country is addicted to oil like a crack addict is addicted to crack. In both cases, the addiction is deadly. With reports from government officials that Saudi Arabia is using its massive oil profits to fund fanatical religious schools that urge angry, young Muslim men to kill Americans and tell them that Americans are evil and must be destroyed. Since we really can’t buy enough oil elsewhere, besides from Arab and Muslim countries that fund fanatical religious schools to meet our demands, it is time to find alternative energy sources.

The government should change our tax laws to financially benefit companies that produce clean coal. Right now America has enough clean coal to provide for all of her energy needs for at least 500 years. The government must also encourage the development of shale oil. Massive expanded drilling and exploration of domestic oil and natural gas must take place. The massive expansion of safe nuclear power plants and the development of wind power must be encouraged by a change of tax laws that benefit companies that develop this alternative energy. Tax laws must also be changed to encourage the development of cars and trucks that do not use gasoline.

If we do not find alternative energy sources to crude oil, we will continue to fund terrorist Islamic states and terrorist groups with our oil money. All Arab and Muslim governments use their oil money to fund hatred and terror against us. Iran is using its oil money to create nuclear weapons. When will this government wake up and stop paying for our destruction with oil money?

Vincent Casella,

Ozone Park


Dear Editor:

It is not just the pathetic New York City Council that has passed a resolution denouncing the Patriot Act, the number one terror fighting tool we have. The pathetic Paterson, New Jersey City Council, where as many as six of the 9-11 hijackers stayed, visited or lived, has passed a resolution denouncing the Patriot Act.

So let me get this straight, the city that suffered the worst terrorist attack in American history and the city where terrorists and their sympathizers lived and live now, have passed resolutions denouncing the Patriot Act, an act signed into law that if implemented before 9-11 may have prevented 9-11 and has already prevented many terrorist attacks after 9-11. There is only one word to describe this: pathetic.

Americans should know that Paterson, NJ is a hotbed of Islamic extremists. Many of the 1,200 people detained after 9-11 on terrorism related charges or immigration violations came from Paterson, NJ. There were also several reports on September 11, 2001 of mobs in Paterson, jumping and celebrating in the streets when the Twin Towers fell down. Many Paterson mosques have called for non-Muslims to suffer the fate of those who perished on 9-11.

There is no doubt that certain mosques and Islamic organizations in Paterson have terrorist ties and may have information that will help prevent another 9-11. Yet if the Paterson City Council had their way, suspected terrorists living in Paterson, would not have the Patriot Act used against them to prevent 9-11. I have one word to describe this…pathetic.

Mike Lorenzo,


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