• January 27, 2015
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Queens Chronicle

Letters To The Editor

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Posted: Thursday, July 22, 2010 12:00 am

Don’t vote GOP

Dear Editor:

Let’s all beat up on the president. He is head of state and should possess a magic wand to undo what the prior administration did over eight years in a wink of an eye.

The hypocrisy of the Republicans for opposing extended unemployment benefits on deficit grounds while foaming at the mouth to extend the Bush tax breaks for the wealthy without the means to pay for them defines a new level of chutzpah! To the Republicans the disadvantaged have what they deserve while the wealthy deserve protection.

Obama’s rant about returning the keys to those who drove us off the cliff is justified. What would not be justified is the rejection by the electorate of this administration or its allies in Congress, terminating their means to address the issues that have resulted in historically high unemployment and a housing crisis that will require years to wind down.

Europeans laugh at Americans for demanding immediate gratification. Perhaps our unwillingness to grant the time needed to effect change proves their point of view. The current disapproval of Obama seems to confirm that as a nation gratification takes too long whenever it’s not immediate.

Bush’s team had two terms to screw up our economic house. Demanding fixes within 18 months of Obama’s presidency is not only unrealistic but foolhardy. The nation will be imperiled by returning Republicans to power out of fear and frustration at the very time things appear to be improving.

Edward Horn

Baldwin, LI

A faithful fan

Dear Editor:

Good work. I have just seen on NY1 a new segment called “Queens in the Papers.” Your front page was presented and a short brief what the stories are all about. Keep up the good work.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

Glen Oaks

Police Wall $treet

Dear Editor:

A great New Yorker, and a GOP president — Teddy Roosevelt, called for a “Square Deal” for all Americans. In 1902 he pledged tough enforcement of anti-trust laws and called for stricter supervision and control of big business. “We do not wish to destroy corporations, but we do wish to make them subserve the public good,” he said.

I wonder if today’s Tea Party types would call Teddy a socialist? The reason I go back to 1902 is to illustrate that 2010 America has a similar situation. The spirit of TR is still in the White House! Barack Obama has called for financial reform regulations over Wall Street.

The Dodd-Franks bill finally passed both houses of Congress, thanks to the support of three moderate Republican senators from New England — Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and Scott Brown. With President Obama’s signature, this historic law will become the first major regulatory reform law since the New Deal era of FDR.

Main Street America needs protection from the greedy, corrupt forces on Wall Street. This law will finally see to it that a high sheriff will patrol Wall Street.

Anthony Pilla

Forest Hills

No tax rats

Dear Editor:

I recently went to a street festival in Flushing Meadow Park. Thousands of people buying stuff, eating from vendors (not cheap: $20 dinners). Police presence every where (paid for in taxes)

But guess what, no one was paying taxes for anything. There were trucks signing people up for free or low-cost health insurance (we all know nothing is free). The “free” healthcare is paid for by taxpayers.

I just spent an afternoon with people who didn’t pay taxes for anything. I can’t imagine how much the city lost in revenue in the food alone.

It doesn’t make sense to me that there are trucks signing people up for healthcare and we can’t even afford the people we have already. And no one seems to give a damn. We have police protecting tax evaders who pay no taxes to support them at all. And the people who do pay taxes seem to get no police protection at all.

All I see are police riding around in cars talking on their cell phones giving out tickets to people driving around talking on their cell phones. How about giving out summones to tax evaders and real criminals?

Williams Johnson


Constituents derailed

Dear Editor:

It is now approaching two years of unbearable rail traffic in Middle Village, specifically in the vicinity of 69th Place.

Calls to Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley’s office have gone unanswered. Attempts to meet with her have been for naught; she has never made herself available. When confronting her at civic meetings, she has no answers of substance. In a meeting at St. Margaret, Rep. Anthony Weiner, while recognizing this situation existed, vaguely stated that he had planned on some sort of visit in the near future. Nothing ever happened.

We are bombarded daily with stinking rail cars parked behind people’s homes, unbearable noise from moving cars in the very early morning hoursand throughout the day, loud diesel engines that idle for 30 to 40 minutes or morehooking up to these rail cars, and additional idling of two or more diesels for periods lasting up to 90 minutes or more, all the while churning noxious fumes within 20 to 30 feet of people’s homes.

Several times Crowley’s people were called to witness the foul odors and idling, only to have us wait and wait and wait in futility. While they promise to come, they never do.

It is high time that Elizabeth Crowley and Anthony Weinerget serious about representing this community. They have never missed a chance to get into a photo, but when there is a serious need to come to the aid of their constituents they have failed miserably.

Joseph Dalfino

Middle Village

Editor’s note: The letter is one of several about the train issue received this week from residents of Middle Village.

Great hospital report

Dear Editor:

Re “Hospital report card offers patient ratings,” June 3, multiple editions:

I’m just re-reading the extensive statewide coverage of the 2010 New York State Hospital Report Card. Your story was really a cut above and I wanted to thank you again for so thoughtfully reporting on our annual review of statewide results for every hospital.

I do this after-the-fact review to see where I was perhaps not as clear as I should be in my descriptions or during our media event. I also look for issues where print reporters may have had unanswered questions or may have not fully understood what was being presented.

As you know, our report covers several “results” measures, and hospital and health insurance company lobbies are not always anxious to have the unvarnished results available, so it’s important that my staff and I provide what consumers (and media leaders) need for a solid reporting of results. Our board members have been under great pressure from certain lobbies and health insurance industry leaders to discontinue our independent public reporting in favor of their industry-dominated reports. You really did a nice job with the story and that makes the difficult nature of our work worthwhile.

Where would we be without a robust print media? We’d be in the dark. The Queens Chronicle is lucky to have Liz Rhoades, the editor who wrote the story (as are your readers). Call on me any time I can assist you; and thank you for your thoughtful coverage.In healthcare, nothing sanitizes like sunshine and your coverage of hospitals’ performance was a big bright light in the sky — for good performers as well as for those whose results were sub-par and need improvement.

Bruce A. Boissonnault

President and CEO

Niagara Health Quality Coalition

Williamsville, NY


Dear Editor:

Membership and attendance is critically important in civic and political organizations. St. Barnabas Church is the host of the Howard Beach Civic Association. Meetings are on the last Tuesday of each month. Be there!

B.K. Brumberg

Howard Beach

A woman abused

Dear Editor:

Sometimes domestic violence isn’t outright physical, so the victim is met with scolding for not fixing the situation (“Zero tolerance for domestic violence,” July 8, multiple editions).

In my case, the man I lived with for 10 years controlled all the finances, even took out a credit card online in my name and transferred his debt to it.He always promised to let me start putting my money into my own account, but every time I tried to transfer funds, the savings and checking accounts were empty, whether I told him ahead of time or not. He controlled the passwords. He promised to pay off the credit card, but one year later, he kicked me out. The card company told me the statute of limitations for reporting fraud is one year.

He also infected me with a non-lethal, lifelong sexually transmitted disease, which I consider to be violence, but the cops don’t think so. It’s “just relationship issues.”

I stayed with him because he promised to change, and seemed like he had — he was very sweet. But he had an agenda, and when he loaded his debt onto me, he left me for a woman that he said had cancer from HPV infection, so he may have infected me with another STD, maybe lethal, but the cops and lawyers don’t care.

The law helps abusers commit harmful acts that are legal. I am also in need of surgery, but was forced to move in with family in a state that doesn’t offer coverage assistance. Without surgery, I can’t work in my occupational field. More than a year after he harmed me, my abuser still has me trapped.

Anna (last name withheld)

Port Huron, Mich.

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