• January 30, 2015
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Queens Chronicle

Letters To The Editor

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Posted: Thursday, June 29, 2006 12:00 am

Subway Flooding

Dear Editor:

After reading a letter to the editor in the June 15 Queens Chronicle about subway flooding, I echo Joan Davis’ sentiment about walking home.I ended up walking from the 21st Queensbridge stop to Forest Hills—about four miles. I would also like to hear an apology from the MTA regarding the lack of bus service.

What happened to any emergency plans that should have been in effect? Not only have we suffered through 9/11 and a blackout, but there was also another flooding situation in August 2004. These three situations should have led to some sort of emergency response to the floods we just experienced.

Where were the buses? Why were the extra shuttle buses that I saw on the news that night not put in place much earlier?Due to the walk home, I suffered pain in my leg the next few days, which is part of the cause of a minuscule tear in my knee that I may need surgery for.

Larry Price,

Forest Hills

Smoking Ads

Dear Editor:

As I was reading a newspaper on Sunday, I ran across a number of opinions regarding the ads about Ronaldo Martinez. He is an anti smoking advocate who speaks through a hole in his throat and these people call it disgusting and pure propaganda. Well, in my book, if that’s what it takes to get more people to stop smoking, I say bravo. Then, maybe there will be one less motherless or fatherless child and that would be a good thing.

Examples: My wife quit smoking 10 years ago but now has asthma, and I quit smoking nine years ago so I would not further endanger my wife’s health and I feel a lot better. We both smoked for over 25 years. I only wish more people would get the message. Yet with all the ads and information we see it still amazes me as I walk down the street why people are still smoking.

I think we should come up with more ads like Martinez has out there. Your paper should run a story pertaining to smoking with maybe Martinez by a pool, whereas he can’t swim anymore, which he had loved to do but can’t because of the hole in his throat from throat cancer. And to Martinez: I know some people are listening and you are truly saving lives and you truly are making a difference.

Frederick Bedell Jr.,


Stop Amnesty

Dear Editor:

The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 (S. 2611), promoted by the Bush administration, and passed by the U.S. Senate last month is nothing but a travesty and a suicide pact for America.

In return for a few token measures to strengthen border control, designed to deceive conservatives (such as sending 6,000, mostly unarmed, National Guardsmen, with no arrest powers, to the Mexican border, and starting to build a 370 mile fence—along a Mexican border that is 2,000 miles long and is violated by 800,000 to 2 million illegal aliens a year, the Senate bill would grant amnesty and citizenship to 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens already within our country. Even worse, it would establish a “guest worker” program that would, according to congressional estimates, allow 66 million to 103 million aliens from Third World countries (who, under the terms of the Senate bill would not even be required to speak any English or have any job skills beyond the minimum wage level) to enter our country and become citizens over the next 20 years.

Such an influx of aliens would overwhelm our schools, hospitals and welfare system, greatly increasing the tax burden of our people and, at the same time, depress the salaries of American workers who would be forced to compete with alien labor for low paying jobs.

Even worse, allowing 66 million to 103 million aliens to become citizens would reduce white Americans to a minority and totally destroy the Western character of our nation. We would no longer have a common Western culture but would be well on our way to becoming a balkanized, chaotic Third World country.

Fortunately, the Senate immigration bill has yet to pass the House of Representatives and, in that, lies our hope. The House must resist all the pressures and blandishments of the Bush administration and vote down S.2611, and any other immigration bill containing amnesty or “guest worker” provisions, or the American republic we’ve known for 230 years may be lost forever.

John Kramer,

Forest Hills

Estate Tax

Dear Editor:

Just a few days ago our Republican Senate killed an effort to repeal the federal estate tax on multimillion dollar fortunes. When does the raping of the middle class by this Republican Congress stop? It will not stop until the voters take back their country from those who have bought it from our Republican Congress and this Republican administration.

Sounds like an old mantra but once again valid: power to the people.

George Katz,


Bush Vs. Environment

Dear Editor:

That President George Bush would even consider not raping the environment as he has done consistently as payback to his corporate money base comes as an unexpected but pleasant surprise; must be getting close to elections.

He actually plans to designate an island chain spanning nearly 1,400 miles of the Pacific northwest of Hawaii as a national monument, creating the largest protected marine reserve in the world. Let us hope this is not merely a diversionary tactic to camouflage opening up the pristine Arctic to his oil drilling cronies, our national forests to his lumber industry supporters or decimating our land by his coal gougers. Evidently, the fishing industry has been deemed to be the political sacrificial lamb. If it looks like a fish and smells like a fish, it must be fishy.

Nevertheless, it’s something. Could it perhaps be a precursor to realizing what virtually all respected scientists agree: Global warming is real, a threat to all on this planet and it must be dealt with through international recognition and cooperation?Nah.

Clifton Black,


Stop And Think

Dear Editor:

The administration’s mindless “stay the course” (as in Titanic) strategy in navigating through their war proves itself with each passing dayto be nothing more than a strategy to show that the war into which they manipulated our country was valid merely because we are continuing it. Certainly those who want to believe in the integrity of our country will be culpable and accept this ruse, and that is understandable especially with silly rah rah slanderous slogans like “cut and run.”Perhaps if they chanted “stop and think,” we would not be in the mess in which we find ourselves.

They say that setting a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq would strengthen the resolve of those opposing our presence and therefore make them stronger. What nonsense. If they were interested and paid any credence to timetables, they would have halted their attacks long ago. What better tactic than appearing to have been beaten into submission, allowing Bush to declare victory (once again) thus withdrawing our troops? Then after a short period, swarm into the country and do with it as they wish. No.They are killing us because we are there and if we stay the course, they will continue killing us.

Zack Pal,


Ethnic Identity

Dear Editor:

What constitutes a nation? A nation is much more than a line drawn on a map. It is an expression of shared principles, of a distinct culture, language and institutions, which together have the power to weld together multi ethnic groups and create a vision of national unity.

Immigrants in the past became Americans. They learned English and they gave their primary loyalty to the nation.

Our nation has cherished our freedoms which are based on following the rule of law, not on ignoring the law to suit the whims of myriad socio ethnic groups.

Can a nation that no longer values the principles that formed its sense of unity continue to exist in the face of unchecked immigration, particularly when immigrants are no longer expected to assimilate? Will large numbers of unassimilated foreign nationals eventually seek political and cultural autonomy from the United States in regions where they hold numerical superiority?

We must put a stop to the illegal immigration crisis before that crisis results in the disintegration of our country.

Janet McCarthy,


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