• January 31, 2015
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Queens Chronicle

Letters To The Editor

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Posted: Thursday, December 13, 2001 12:00 am | Updated: 3:49 pm, Mon Jul 11, 2011.

We Mourn

Dear Editor:

We mourn the loss of the victims of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

We commend the determination of those who have volunteered to spend long hours sifting through the rubble to find the victims and return them to their families.

The terrorists targeted the World Trade Center and the Pentagon to weaken our nation and instill fear into the American people. The terrorists want people to hide. They want our neighborhoods to deteriorate. They want our nation to fail.

Now, more than ever, we must stick together. We must work harder to improve our communities and strengthen our ties with our neighbors. We must prove to the terrorists that their unspeakable acts will only serve to bring this country together, not tear it apart.

Everyone can get involved in the war against terrorism. Report suspicious activity, keep your block clean from debris and graffiti, take pride in your community and get involved.

United communities make for a stronger nation.

Roe Daraio, president,

Communities of Maspeth and

Elmhurst Together,


Help Homeless

Dear Editor:

As I was reading the paper today I was greatly troubled to read the latest statistical data which shows an increase in the homeless in the New York City area which includes the outer boroughs.

A startling two-thirds of the city’s shelter population is comprised of children and their parents. In raw numbers that translates to 6,500 families or 21,567 kids and parents who don’t have a place to call home. This figure has grown by more than 1,000 families since July alone.

These numbers really don’t make us feel concern unless we affix a name. For example, Edwina McBride and her son Warren, Anthony Jackson and his family, Dorothy Aristide and her son Tahlik and there are many more who lost their homes for various reasons.

National housing experts post possible reasons for the increase in homelessness on higher housing costs during the economic boom; the recent economic slowdown and the tendency of landlords not to accommodate tenants on subsidized programs.

It is hard for the average person to grasp what it is like not to have a place to live or to have food on the table. I myself remember 25 years ago after I was released from the military after the Vietnam War was over and I found myself homeless and friendless and living on the streets. I was dirty, cold and had sores on my body from not bathing, but due to the kindness of a stranger that took me in, I was able to get back on my feet. As I look back I remember the cold, the hunger and the fear and the feeling of being less than a human being.

So we need to help these people. Write to our Mayor-elect Mike Bloomberg, who has promised to build affordable housing and let him know the suffering of these people and that these people need help now.

And to my good Nigerian friend Cyril who saved me, wherever you are today, I thank you.

Frederick Bedell Jr.,

Little Neck

Protect Farm

Dear Editor:

I must certainly praise constituent leaders Tami Hirsch, Maria Deinnocentiis, Jim Gallagher and Bob Harris for creating the Klein Farm Task Force in order to protect the last working family farm in New York City. With its frontage known as the “Farm Stand,” it is located at 194-15 73rd Avenue in Fresh Meadows.

Klein family property for 100 years and a working farm area for at least 200 years before that, the Klein farm is in danger of being closed and sold to developers who seemingly want to build housing on the site.

I am not opposed to business and plans to create new housing in New York City, but I am opposed to any construction that destabilizes local neighborhoods and threatens a Special Planned Community Preservation District (similar to a Landmark Preservation Commission district) encompassing the Fresh Meadows rental development and South Fresh Meadows to Union Turnpike.

The R-4 zone in South Fresh Meadows is threatened, as is the 80 percent of Fresh Meadows development land not occupied by apartment buildings. This is my concern.

Jim Trent, founder and president of the Queens Farm Museum, has brought forth the idea of a public trust to buy the Klein farm and have the prestigious Queens Farm Museum administer the property so its products can be sold and a working farm maintained in the area.

In this area of catastrophes such as the World Trade Center tragedy and regional anthrax exposure, it seems we have more important considerations than preservation of a small working farm in Queens, New York City. Yes, there are more important considerations, but let us not forget our heritage and our intense attempts, over the years, to stabilize our communities.

That is the reason why I have joined with the civic leaders representing over 3,000 families to protect the Klein farm.

David Weprin, councilman-elect,

23rd District,

Glen Oaks

Utility Boast

Dear Editor:

A lot of years ago (before television), a razor blade manufacturer used to sponsor radio broadcasts of professional baseball games.

There was a small storefront auction house where the auctioneer sold, among many other things, razor blades. In his sales pitch he used to say that if his audience would pay him, for his razor blades, what the broadcast sponsor charged for his blades, he, the auctioneer, would take his audience to the actual ballgames.

On my latest utility bill the utility proudly boasts that it has reduced delivery charges by 16.6 percent in 2001. It doesn’t mention (as evidenced by my latest bill), that its markup on its fuel costs is 127 percent.

At that rate maybe the utility should be making free delivery and also taking us to the ballgame instead of to the cleaners.

Frank Lazzaro,

Howard Beach

Terrorism Continues

Dear Editor:

When we finally capture Osama bin Laden, it will not be the end of the terrorism.

The global network of terrorists, some posing as Islamic Fundamentalists is in many cases being led by Marxist Leninists directed from Moscow and Beijing through Havana, Tehran, Damascus, Tripoli, Baghdad and the Palestine Authority.

Russia and China continue to support the terrorist network, though they make considerable efforts to disguise their involvement by operating through surrogate countries. They have been providing not only conventional arms to the internationalist terror networks, but also the materials, technology and expertise for weapons of mass destruction—chemical, biological and nuclear—to their surrogate state sponsors of terror, most particularly Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, North Korea and Cuba.

It appears that the United States officials are unwilling to recognize, expose, condemn and oppose this deadly charade. We continue to give aid and trade to Russia and China and continue to embrace them as allies. These treasonous policies and suicidal tendencies must be reversed; our very survival depends on it.

Janet McCarthy,


Saving Money

Dear Editor:

It is time to bring home thousands of our military personnel stationed in Japan and Korea and assign them to airport and other security requirements, charging the airlines a fair amount.

We would pay our military the same as we paid them serving overseas, less the overseas stipend and thereby actually save money.

Frederick Ewald,

Forest Hills

Holiday Surprise

Dear Editor:

I am a New Yorker and am very proud to call myself one. I, like so many of my fellow neighbors have protested about so much in this city such as overcrowded buses and subways, policies of the mayor, lack of police and numerous others too lengthy to mention here.

Since the attack on New York’s World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., we certainly have put our lives into perspective. We were just forced to reflect on our own lives, the relationships with our families and, yes, even our neighbors who we never spoke to before September 11th, 2001.

I recently spent my Thanksgiving holiday in Jacksonville, Florida and was extremely surprised as to the generosity and outpouring of support that the city had for New York firefighters, police and EMS workers.

As my friends drove me through the city, I passed numerous signs and dedications to our troops and more so for our local heroes. We passed an old fire training facility and on its tower there was a huge New York Fire Department symbol for all to see who drive on Jacksonville’s highways.

There were people whom I never met asking me, “Where were you when it happened?” after finding out that I was a resident of New York City. Their love and heartfelt emotion this Thanksgiving just gave me a feeling that there still is hope in this world if we just stay focused on what is important.

I just wanted to thank the city of Jacksonville and all of my new friends for their e-mails of support for myself and all of the families who have loved ones who passed or were affected by the tragedies at the World Trade Center.

Happy holidays to all of my neighbors and friends here in Queens as well.

Anthony Merlino,

Richmond Hill

Trash Complaints

Dear Editor:

In the last month I have noticed on more than two occasions that the five sidewalk trash cans located on the north side of Queens Boulevard between Main Street and the subway entrance are overflowing with trash. Either the Sanitation Department is lax in its pickups or needs to come by more often.

Some of the overflow consists of newspapers that when dispersed by the wind cause a blight in the area.

It is ironic that when people try to properly dispose of their trash it can become a problem.

Charley Tan,

Kew Gardens

Free Parking

Dear Editor:

I am the owner of Pacific Restaurant located on 86-16 Queens Boulevard across from the new Queens Place Mall. I was surprised to see the turnout this weekend for shoppers in our area malls. Three weeks before Christmas and the streets are quiet on Queens Boulevard. That’s terrible.

I wanted to offer a suggestion to the operators of Queens Center and Queens Place malls. How about providing free parking for the rest of the year to promote shopping at our malls during the holidays? This year has been especially challenging for all of us in New York City after the terrorist attacks on September 11th.

For some folks, free parking may make a difference since many have a choice to shop at other nearby locations such as the Metro Mall in Middle Village, College Point Mall or even some malls in Nassau County.

Thanks for your attention and I wish you and your family a healthy and happy holiday season.

Tat Chan,


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